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Answer for the clue "Knocks heads (with)", 5 letters:

Alternative clues for the word spars

Works with Riddick Bowe


Trains, in a way

Practices in the ring

Locks horns (with)


W.W. II women reservists

Trades jabs


Engages in violent practices?

Prepares for a bout

Poles on a 1-Across

Practices for a bout

Wrangles (with)

Practices wearing gloves

Trades one-twos, say

Bandies words

Practices boxing

Goes a round


Coast Guard group


Coast Guard women

Their motto is "Semper Paratus"

Fights carefully


Trains with Tyson

Trains for a fight


Gets ready for a bout

U.S.C.G. group

Punches for practice

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n. (plural of spar English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: spar )

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For the various meanings of "spar", see Spar (disambiguation) .'' The United States Coast Guard (USCG) Women's Reserve , better known by the acronym SPARS , was the World War II women's branch of the USCG Reserve. It was established by the U.S. Congress...

Usage examples of spars.

Above the rooftops, where lines of washing were hanging, he could just make out the distant spars of ships at the quays.

At last he made out the cross-shaped spars of topmasts-certainly there were two three-masted vessels engaged in close conflict, and one of them was considerably larger than the other.

Now the ropes hung loosely from the spars and canvas limply from the yards.

Enough wreckage had washed ashore so a rude lean-to had been fashioned from sails and broken spars, but the wood that had drifted ashore from the ship was too wet to do more than smolder on the fire.

Reaching the end of the spars where the others waited, they passed along the burning brands, which were touched to the surface of the buckets of pitch.

Only their claws and thick chiv enabled them to hold their footing on the icy spars above.

Once more Ethan marveled at the ability of the Tran sailors, who constantly had to set, adjust, and take in sails while walking on narrow spars in a perpetual gale.

While their sharp chiv would give good purchase on the wooden spars and masts of a ship, they would only slide on smooth rock.

None had fallen, though for several minutes a couple of those in the highest spars hung from a paw or two before regaining their footing.

As soon as it cleared the outermost pier, the spars would shift and the westwind would fill the sails from behind.

The crew had to struggle with lines and spars to swing the icerigger safely around the twisting walls.

Below me, or at least in the direction of my feet, the ship seemed a dwindling continent of silver, her black masts and spars as slender as the horns of crickets.

Sophie, we laid out five hawsers an-end with our best bower firm in gritty ooze to warp the frigate out in case the high battery should knock any spars away, stood in before dawn with a moderate NNE breeze and began hammering the batteries guarding the entrance.

A spectacular but a lucky one, a direct plunge on the roll that sent him clear of spars and ropes into the sea, from which he was fished with no trouble of any kind.

The higher spars were bending like coach-whips, just this side of carrying away.