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Answer for the clue "Nantes-to-Paris dir.", 3 letters:

Alternative clues for the word ene

Wind dir.

Ending with acetyl or butyl

Compass dir.

Opposite WSW

Storm heading

Compass heading

Compass point

Ship's heading

Pilot's heading

Chemical suffix

67.5 degrees

Chemical ending

Chicago-Detroit dir.

Toronto-to-Ottawa dir.

Charlotte-to-Raleigh dir.

Okla.-to-Ky. direction

From S.F. to Wyo.

Hurricane heading

Mariner's dir.

Vane dir.

Lansing-to-Flint dir.

Ariz.-to-Kan. dir.

Hydrocarbon suffix

Copenhagen-to-Riga dir.

Opposite of WSW

Needle point?

Helm heading

Compass reading

Suffix with ethyl

Toronto-to-Montreal dir.

From S.F. to Tahoe

Hurricane heading: Abbr.

Mali-to-Libya dir.

Atlanta-to-Raleigh dir.

Osaka-to-Tokyo dir.

WSW's opposite

Trenton-to-Newark dir.

Dir. heading

From La. to N.C.

Heading abbr.

SГЈo Paulo-to-Rio dir.

WSW's reverse

From Ft. Myers to Ft. Pierce

Heading opposite WSW

One way to travel: Abbr.

Suffix with acetyl

Suffix with butyl

Organic suffix

U-turn from WSW

Ethyl finish

Tampa-to-Orlando dir.

Ending with butyl

Acetyl ender

From Okla. City to Tulsa

67.5В°, to mariners

Ship's hdg.

Like some courses: Abbr.

Ethyl ending

Memphis-to-Nashville dir.

Ending with methyl

Suffix with menth-

67.5 deg.

Suffix with prop-

Pilothouse abbr.

Ethyl ender

Detroit-to-Montreal dir.

Lake Erie-to-Lake Ontario dir.

Route abbr.

Springfield-to-Boston dir.

Suffix with benz-

Buffalo-to-Rochester dir.

Suffix with ethyl-

Adelaide-to-Brisbane dir.

K.C.-to-Detroit dir.

Phoenix-to-Albuquerque dir.

Map dir.

Methyl or ethyl follower

Pilot's heading: Abbr.

From K.C. to Detroit

Course setting: Abbr.

Storm heading: Abbr.

St. Louis-to-Indianapolis dir.

180В° from WSW

Bikini-to-Oahu dir.


Pittsburgh-to-Boston dir.

Dallas-to-Memphis dir.

General dir. of the St. Lawrence River

Plymouth-to-London dir.

Reno-to-Elko dir.

Little Rock-to-Memphis dir.

Dir. of I-64 going up Ky.

Macon-to-Augusta dir.

Suffix with 81-Down

Navigation abbreviation

Laredo-to-Galveston dir.

16th letter of the Spanish alphabet

Direction from L.A. to K.C.

Phoenix-to-Philly dir.

Navigation abbr.

Rome-to-Belgrade dir.

Anchorage-to-Fairbanks dir.

Cincinnati-to-New York dir.

Sioux Falls-to-St. Paul dir.

Reverse of WSW

Direction from K.C. to Detroit

Cincinnati-to-Pittsburgh dir.

Suffix with propyl

Boise-to-Billings dir.

Needle point?: Abbr.

General dir. of Sal Paradise's return trip in "On the Road"

Dir. from Asheville to Winston-Salem

Santa Barbara-to-Las Vegas dir.

Detroit-to-Toronto dir.

Austin-to-N.Y.C. path

Suffix with alk-

K.C.-to-Chicago direction

Okla. City-to-Tulsa direction

N.M.-to-N.J. dir.

Bismarck-to-Grand Forks dir.

One way to fly: Abbr.

Des Moines-to-Cedar Rapids dir.

Baltimore-to-Phila. direction

Shanghai-to-Tokyo dir.

Buffalo-to-Burlington dir.

Jackson-to-Birmingham dir.

Greenwich-to-New Haven dir.

Heading from Okla. City to Tulsa

Tacoma-to-Spokane dir.

Chemistry suffix

Sierra Leone-to-Burkina Faso dir.

Okla. City-to-St. Louis direction

Chicago-to-Toronto dir.

Pittsburgh-to-Wilkes-Barre dir.

Paris-to-Berlin dir.

Suffix indicating a double bond

Ariz.-to-Kan. direction

Venice-to-Trieste dir.

Cincinnati-to-Philadelphia dir.

Dallas-to-N.Y.C. direction

Vegas-to-Denver dir.

Liverpool-to-Leeds dir.

Portland-to-Spokane dir.


Ethyl follower

Opp. of WSW

Compass pt.

Ending for ethyl

St. Louis-to-Cleveland dir.

Chicago-to-Detroit dir.

Sydney-to-Lord Howe Island dir.

Cork-to-Kilkenny dir.

N.Y.C.-to-Boston dir.

Chem. ending

N.Y.-to-Bos. dir.

Ethyl trailer

Ethyl chaser

San Francisco-to-Salt Lake City dir.

Mecca-to-Kabul dir.

Compass rdg.

Abilene-to-Fort Worth dir.

Air-current rte.

Erie-to-Buffalo dir.

Salt's dir.

Memphis-to-Knoxville dir.

Ethyl's adherent

Dir. from Springfield to Boston

Dir. from Madrid to Barcelona

Ethyl or methyl ending

Vane letters

Nantes-to-Angers dir.

___ Riisna, a producer of TV's "20/20"

New Orleans-to-Savannah dir.

Vane ltrs.

Course dir.

Aurora-to-Chicago dir.

Dir. from Nantes to Angers

Dir. of Rochester from Buffalo

Mecca-to-Karachi dir.

Comp. reading

Captain's heading

Chemical conclusion

67 degrees 30 minutes

Nautical heading

Denver-to-Chicago dir.

Wind heading

Vane direction

N.Y.C.-to-London dir.

Ship's course

Compass-card notation

Dir. from Toronto to Ottawa

Dir. from Sevilla to Córdoba

Dir. from Pittsburgh to N.Y.C.

Prow's direction

Dir. from Reno to Niagara Falls

Point for a skipper

Compass direction

Weathercock indication

Dir. from Albuquerque to Denver

Albuquerque–Springfield dir.

Directional letters

Methyl ending

Compass letters

Map letters

Chem. suffix

Dir. from Bern to 38 Across

Vane reading

Suffix with acetyl and amyl

Dir. from Vladivostok to Olga

Indianapolis-to-Muncie dir.

Direction from Lódz to Warsaw

Dir. from Milan to Udine

Direction letters

Paris-to-Reims dir.

Suffix for ethyl

Vane heading

Direction: Abbr.

Dir. of Rennes from Paris

Philadelphia-to-Boston dir.

Dir. from Paris to Reims

Elizabeth-to-Hoboken dir.

Skipper's dir.

Syracuse-to-Utica dir.

N.Y.-to-N. Eng. dir.

Directional inits.

Casablanca-to-Tunis dir.

Direction or suffix

Butyl follower

Gazetteer letters

Anemograph abbr.

Dir. to Rochester from Buffalo

Bath-to-London dir.

Lodz-to-Warsaw dir.

Ethyl's end

Dir. from Bern to Basel

Dir. from Bath to London


Dir. from Denver to Chicago

Pittsburgh-to-Providence dir.

Boston-to-Portland dir.

Sevilla-to-Córdoba dir.

Word definitions for ene in dictionaries

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The Ene is a Peruvian river on the eastern slopes of the Andes. Ene or ENE may also refer to: -ene , a suffix used in chemistry Eñe , a letter of the modern Roman alphabet Ene reaction , a reaction in organic chemistry Ende Airport , Flores, Indonesia (ENE...

Usage examples of ene.

Jimmy de opnamen liet zien waarop duidelijk te zien was hoe een lichtvlekje zich tegen de achtergrond had verplaatst, op het ene beeld helderder dan op het andere.

Hoog tijd voor deze oude priester, voor Vince Giuliani, om al zijn opgedane ervaring en kennis op dit ene menselijke probleem te richten, om zijn verworven inzicht te gebruiken voor de man die zichzelf vol verbittering de hoer van God noemde.

De ontstellende gevolgen van die ene vergissing bij Pearl Harbor hadden ervoor gezorgd dat ze als geen ander hun kansen konden berekenen, heel koel en doelgericht, maar ze bleven gokkers.

Ze konden van de ene naar de andere kooi lopen, maar niet het paleis zelf betreden.

She worked at a mission in the village of Cutibireni on the River Ene, and she stayed there until Christmas, helping the nurse with the medical mission and running the store where the local people, Campa Indians, were just being introduced to a cash economy.

The buzz on the Arab street and among foreign embassies and intelligence services and terrorist factionswhat the CIA typically called chatterhad become a deaf ening roar.