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Answer for the clue "Bill: Fr.", 3 letters:

Alternative clues for the word bec

Bill, in Bordeaux

"Je te plumerai le ___" ("Alouette" lyric)

Alouette's bill

Bill, in Brest

Bird's bill: Fr.

Bill, in Nice

Bird's beak, in Brest

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Beč may refer to: Beč, Slovenia , a settlement near Cerknica, Slovenia Beč, Croatia , a village near Bosiljevo , Croatia Vienna , the capital of Austria, in Serbo-Croatian (Croatian, Bosnian, Serbian, Montenegrin).

Usage examples of bec.

Zac went fly-catcher, mouth hanging open, Bec looked round and even Sarah shot him a sideways glance as she squeezed water from heavy black braids.

In a flourish that surprised everyone, Bec ripped handfuls of leaves from a spindly bush and stuffed them inside the gutted perch before letting Sarah bake them on her smoking fire pit.

Certainly Madame Madeleine Mathiot de la Bec was a lady whose upper-class lineage could not be doubted, especially when she took him into the dimly lit salon to show him the work on the easel that straitened circumstances were forcing her to sell.

You see, Monsieur de la Bec, we are simply going back to square one, as you Americans put it.

Beak being of the finest Swedish Steel, did I mention that, yes quite able, when the Duck, in its homicidal Frenzy, is flying at high speed, to penetrate all known Fortification, solid walls being as paper to this Juggernaut One may cower within, but one cannot avoid, le Bec de la Mort, the.

To think of a blanc bec like yourself challenging a person like the Baron to a duel!

Then we went to a Monagasque restaurant, the Bec Rouge, where Breeze, Sharon, Timothy, and Adnan had been invited to celebrate my birthday at a surprise party given by Salim.

MIT researchers have produced visible interference fringe patterns from sodium BECs, demonstrating quantum mechanics effects on the macroscale.

Since they're effectively superatoms, BECs are all moving in the same way at the same time when they flow, and don't have energy losses due to friction.