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Answer for the clue "___ New York minute", 3 letters:

Alternative clues for the word ina

Actress Claire

_____ nutshell

"_____ minute"

_____ sense

_____ flash

_____ pickle


"All ___ day's work"

___ hurry

___ pinch

Concert ending


Words with word or way

Pig ___ poke

Concert finale

___ bind

"___pig's eye!"

Put ___ good word for

Actress Balin

With 16-Across, depressed

___ heartbeat (instantly)

___ nutshell

One-million link

"___ moment"

___ daze

"___ way..."

___ moment

___ sense

___ flash

___ way

___ way (to some extent)

___ while

One ___ million

___ manner of speaking

"___ minute"

Feminizing suffix

___ bit

Feminine name suffix

___ mess

One conquered by the conquistadors

Feminizing ending

___ fix

___ pickle

Minute opening?

"___ New York minute"

"___ pig's eye!"

Like Haydn's "The Fire" Symphony

___ panic

Like Mendelssohn's "Italian" Symphony

Suffix with concert

___ huff

Preceder of 46-, 59- or 61-Across

Member of an empire that ended in the 16th century

Bull ___ china shop

___ fog

___ rut

All ___ day's work

___ big way

Hell ___ handbasket

___ state

Words before fix or flash

___ jam

___ quandary

"___ moment!" ("Don't rush me!")

___ heap

Once ___ blue moon

___ rush

Like Beethoven's "Kreutzer" Sonata

___ tough spot

Once ___ lifetime

Any port ___ storm

Square peg ___ round hole

With 95-Down, "The Royal Family of Broadway" star, 1930

___ minute

"___ second"

Once ___ while

With 22-Across, shortly

Concert closing?

___ nutshell (basically)

___ rage

___ trice

With 58-Across, miffed

Like Beethoven's Symphony No. 7

"___ perfect world ..."

Big fish ___ small pond

___ moment (shortly)

___ hurry (rushed)

Ending for concert and czar

"___ Mist," 1928 piano solo

___ snit (peeved)

Soprano Souez

Concert follower

___ pretty pickle

Needle ___ haystack

___ pickle (on the ropes)

___ fix (troubled)

Wycherley's "Love ___ Wood"

Tsar follower

Claire or Balin

Lulu Bett's sister

Claire of "Ninotchka"

Musical instrument: Suffix

"___ Little Spanish Town"

Claire of "Claudia"

Van Eyck's "Man ___ Turban"

___ tizzy

Words with jiffy or tizzy

Bandleader ___ Ray Hutton

"Three men ___ tub"

Tempest ___ teapot

Balin or Claire

Suffix for concert

Frost's "___ Vale"

Manet's "___ Boat"

Actress Louise

"I am ___ conventional dither"

"___ Mist," 1928 song

___ word (briefly)

Miss Claire

"___ Vale," Frost poem

___ hurry (rushing)

___ Claire, stage star of the 30's

___ trice (quickly)

Feminine suffix

___ fix (stymied)

Miss Balin

Claire or Hutton

Balin of films

___ pet (irked)

A pig ___ poke

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acr. Information Not Available

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Population (2000): 2455 Housing Units (2000): 233 Land area (2000): 2.405496 sq. miles (6.230207 sq. km) Water area (2000): 0.000000 sq. miles (0.000000 sq. km) Total area (2000): 2.405496 sq. miles (6.230207 sq. km) FIPS code: 37179 Located within: Illinois...

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The Ina is a river in northwestern Poland , a right tributary of the Oder River . The origins of the river are in Insko Lake (Polish: jezioro Ińsko), and it flows through a succession of smaller lakes. The confluence of Ina River is localized in Police,...

Usage examples of ina.

If any argument can be raised against this assumption, it is that adjectives in -in actually seem to be shortened forms of longer adjectives in -ina.

They were taken to the Moscow State Circus and given a banquet at Aragvi, where they were 248 served the golden roe caviar, the rarest of the eight caviars, zakushki, which literally means small bites, and pashteet, the delicate pate baked ina crust.

Then he escorted us to his seven-year-old fuel-cell BMW and we drove south toward Teluk Bayur, Jala and Ina up front, me and En in back.

At his sharp call, the upper engineering trunkregurgitated Mohammed Fitzgerald, a handsome andperpetually young warp engineer with striking browneyes and flaming red hair that was actually burned ina couple of places.

He cast animploring glance at Miss Charing, who at once rose, andwent to seat herself in a chair beside him, patting his hand ina soothing way, and saying: "Nonsense!

Too, had Ina cosmetics at her disposal, even the bold, exciting cosmetics of slaves, which so scandalize free women, I suspected she might not have hesitated to use them.

The party broke up, and Ina and I stayed behind to finish the wine.

Sherlock Holmes was leaning back in his chair after his whimsical protest, and was unfolding his morning paper ina leisurely fashion, when our attention was arrested by a tremendous ring at the bell, followed immediately by a hollow drumming sound, as if someone were beating on the outer door with his fist.

He watched the dying sunlight on the pale, powder blue translucence of the porcelain that seemed to enhance the golden sheen of the dry La Ina sherry.