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Answer for the clue "Tic-___ (metronome sound)", 3 letters:

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Couperin's "Tic-___-choc"

Couperin's "Le Tic-___-choc"

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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
word used for the letter T in radio communication, 1898.

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TOC or Toc may refer to:

Usage examples of toc.

Something glittered for the briefest of moments in the depths of its eye-sockets as it stared at Toc, then Tool turned and retrieved the flint sword.

Tool and Toc stood in the open, it was impossible that they had not been seen, yet the three displayed no perturbation or change of pace as they strode nearer.

Grumbling, Toc the Younger pulled the caked cloth from his face and slowly lowered his heavy leather pack to the ground.

I assured you last night, Toc, my servants are quite capable of managing such mundane activities.

You and I, Toc, we have only each other for this journey, so let us fashion the bonds of friendship.

Imass was forged by a ritual of such power as this world has not seen in a long time, Toc the Younger.

A moment later a swirl of dust rose from the ochre grasses a few paces from where Toc crouched.

You must dismantle your sources, Toc the Younger, lest you do nothing but ape the prejudices of others.

The twin-scarred eldest stood motionless, watching the duelthough it seemed unlikely he could see any better than Toc could.

Studying Toc once more, the woman smiled, but it was a smile of sorrow.

Difficult to imagine, but they are godless in every sense, Toc the Younger.

It would be unwise to employ Tellann within this Domin, Toc the Younger.

The sound of a body being dragged just outside his door had Toc crouching low, knives trembling.

Coal-lit eyes set in a broad, blood-soaked head slowly fixed on Toc the Younger.

Through its murk Toc could see four corpses, all armoured, lying at the bottom of the pools.