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Answer for the clue "#4 on ice", 3 letters:

Alternative clues for the word orr

Bobby who won the Norris Trophy eight times

Two-time Smythe Trophy winner

Three-time Hart Trophy winner

Eight-time Norris Trophy winner

Boston sports legend

Hockey's Bobby

Bruins great

Hockey legend Bobby

Onetime Esposito teammate

Bobby of the Bruins

Hart Trophy winner, 1970-72

Bruin of yore

1970 Stanley Cup hero

Famous Bruin

Rink great

N.H.L. Hall-of-Famer since 1979

1949 Peace Nobelist John Boyd___

Peace Nobelist John Boyd ___

Puckster Bobby

Boston's Bobby

Bobby of hockey

Onetime Bruin star

Winner of eight Norris Trophies

1967 N.H.L. Rookie of the Year

Legend on the ice

1967 Rookie of the Year

Bruin whose #4 jersey is now retired

"Catch-22" pilot

1949 Peace Prize winner Lord John Boyd ___

Hall-of-Famer nicknamed "Bobby Hockey"

His #4 was retired

Hall-of-Famer Bobby

Hockey great Bobby

Hockey's 1967 Calder Trophy winner

N.H.L. M.V.P., 1970-72

Ice legend

Bruin Hall-of-Fame defenseman

Legendary iceman

Boston Bruins legend

John Boyd ___, 1949 Peace Nobelist

Athlete who wrote "My Game"

Mary ___, on whose story "All About Eve" is based

1970 Sportsman of the Year

Bobby of the N.H.L.

#4, once, in Boston

Famous Bruin #4

Boston rink legend

Legendary Bruin

Two-time Art Ross Trophy winner

The Bruins' #4

Bruin legend Bobby

Bruins legend

Bruin Bobby

1960's-70's Boston Garden hero

Bobby on the ice

Notable #4 with a stick

#4 for Boston

He chalked up 915 points

He racked up 645 assists

Goal-oriented guy

Scottish Peace Nobelist John Boyd ___

Plane crasher in "Catch-22"

Bruins great Bobby

Legendary stick figure

Bruin legend

Bruin who wore a 4

New England hockey hero

Yossarian's tentmate, in "Catch-22"

Boston retired his number 4

Bruins' retired "4"

Bruin great

Sports legend whose #4 was retired

"Catch-22" bomber pilot

Bobby who was #4 at Boston Garden

Canadian-born hockey great

Bobby of Boston

Norris Trophy winner for eight consecutive years

CBS newsman Bob

Bomber pilot in "Catch-22"

Recipient of three consecutive Hart Trophies

Notable #4 on the ice

Fast-skating #4

Bobby of the rink

Hockey defender Bobby

Skater with many trophies

Three-time N.H.L. M.V.P.

Rink star Bobby

1967 Calder Trophy winner at age 18

Boston #4 in years past

Boston Garden legend

"Catch-22" character who "hasn't got brains enough to be unhappy"

Bobby who won two Stanley Cups

Iceman Bobby

#4 for the Bruins

Legendary Boston Garden skater

Hockey great whose name is a homophone of 88-Across and 123- and 124-Down

Bruins legend Bobby

Yossarian's "Catch-22" tentmate

Bruin Hall-of-Famer Bobby

The Bruins' Bobby

Bobby with a #4 jersey

Subject of a statue outside Boston's TD Garden

He racked up 270 goals and 645 assists

Athletic great whose name and jersey number rhyme

Former Bruin Bobby

Statue outside Boston's TD Garden

Crash-prone "Catch-22" pilot

Bobby who won three straight N.H.L. M.V.P. awards

Bobby who played 10 seasons with the Boston Bruins

Bobby in skates

Hockey speedster Bobby

Film critic Christopher

Boston Bruin great

Canadian hockey player (born 1948)

"Bobby ___, the only N.H.L.'er to win the Hart, Norris, Ross and Smythe trophies in the same year"

Hockey player Bobby

No. 4 of Bruin fame

Hockey great

Esposito's Bruin teammate

Ex-Bruin great

Only defenseman to have won the N.H.L. scoring title

Louis ___ of the N.B.A.

Revolutionary patriot-inventor

First defenseman to lead N.H.L. in scoring

Bruin immortal

Puck's good boy

1968-75 Norris Trophy winner

Famed ex-Bruin

N.H.L. great

Ind. governor

Governor of Ind.

Bruin Hall of Famer

She wrote "The Wisdom of Eve"

Ice ace, once

Boston hockey hero

Nobelist for Peace: 1949

Eight-time Norris Trophy recipient

Norris Trophy winner: 1968–75

Lord John Boyd ___, winner of the 1949 Nobel Peace Prize

#4 of the Bruins

Former N.H.L. great

Hockey Hall-of-Famer

Ice hockey legend

Celebrated Bruin blueliner

Former Bruin star

Boston Bruin of yore

Ice name

He put on a show for hockey fans

Governor of Indiana

Skating legend

Boston Bruins' Bobby

Former hockey star

Hockey superstar

Bobby of rink fame

Retired hockey star

Boyd-___, Peace Prize winner: 1949

Famed N.H.L. retiree

Retiree of hockey fame

Defenseman Bobby

N.H.L.'s Bobby

Former ice man

Ice-hockey great

Boston Garden legend Bobby

Gov. Kay ___ of Neb.

No. 4 on the icy floor

Neb.'s Governor

Lord John Boyd ___, 1949 Nobelist for Peace

Browning biographer

Hockey star

Ex-star on ice

American patriot-inventor: 18th century

Louis of the Knicks

Former hockey All Star

Peace Nobelist: 1949

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Population (2000): 249 Housing Units (2000): 135 Land area (2000): 1.340175 sq. miles (3.471036 sq. km) Water area (2000): 0.011798 sq. miles (0.030556 sq. km) Total area (2000): 1.351973 sq. miles (3.501592 sq. km) FIPS code: 48634 Located within: Minnesota...

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Orr is a fictional character in the classic novel Catch-22 by Joseph Heller . Orr is a bomber pilot who shares a tent with his good friend, the protagonist of the novel, Yossarian . Described as "a warm-hearted, simple-minded gnome," Orr is generally considered...

Usage examples of orr.

He looked at Orr to see if the statement had been taken amiss, and met, for one instant, the man’s eyes.

Haber maintained his noncommittal but interested expression, and Orr plowed on.

While Orr lay staring at his imaginary crystal ball, Haber got up and began fitting him with the modified trancap, constantly removing and replacing it to readjust the tiny electrodes and position them on the scalp under the thick, light-brown hair.

He spoke often and softly, repeating suggestions and occasionally asking bland questions so that Orr would not drift off into sleep yet and would stay in rapport.

    The headline, “BIG  A-l  STRIKE   NEAR AFGHAN   BORDER,” and the subhead, “Threat   of Afghan Intervention,” stared Orr eye to I for six stops.

George Orr stayed in Portland because he had always lived there and because he had no reason to believe that life anywhere else would be better, or different.

He laughed when Orr was done, not long or loudly, but perhaps a little excitedly.

Knowing that Orr desperately needed confirmation, he would not causelessly withhold it if he could give it.

It had taken Orr himself a long time to bring himself to face the fact that he was doing something impossible.

George Orr, pale in the flickering fluorescent glare of the train car in the infrafluvial dark, swayed as he stood holding a swaying steel handle on a strap among a thousand other souls.

A city man and subway rider, Orr did not even hear the appalling noise.

But he’s using me for experimental—” Orr got no further: Miss Lelache had stiffened, the spider had seen, at last, her prey.

With his peculiar docility, his way of doing the habitual and acceptable thing, Orr came and sat down opposite in the big leather chair placed for interviewees and patients.

He wanted to calm Orr down, to get him back into his normal self-effacing state, in which he would lack the courage to say anything about his dream powers in front of the third person.

If Orr quit Voluntary Therapy, he became liable to prosecution for obtaining drugs illegally and would be sent to jail or the nut hatch.