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Answer for the clue "26-Down player Shankar", 4 letters:

Alternative clues for the word ravi

Sitarist Shankar

Mr. Shankar

Lahore's river

A teacher of John, Paul and George

Sitar master Shankar

First name in raga

Raga player Shankar

First name in Indian music

First name in raga performance

Shankar who played at the Concert for Bangladesh, 1971

Jazz saxophonist Coltrane

Beatle George studied under him

Sitar player Shankar

Musician Shankar

Shankar at Woodstock

Shankar who mentored George Harrison

Noted first name in raga

Beatle George's sitar teacher

___ Shankar

River in India and Pakistan

Shankar, the sitarist

Indian musician Shankar

Shankar, the sitar player

Shankar, the musician

Punjabi river

Sitar star Shankar

Punjab river

A river of the Punjab

Sitar expert Shankar

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Ravi may refer to: Ravivar , Sunday Ravi River , a Himalayan river flowing through India and Pakistan Ravi, Gavorrano , a village in the province of Grosseto, Tuscany