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n. (context marketing English) (deliberate misspelling of car English)

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Kar is a suffix used after village names in Western Coastal India, forming the most common types of surnames used by Marathi and Konkani people , in Maharashtra , Goa , and some parts of Karnataka .

Usage examples of kar.

I was in Sirik, fastened to a ring, chained in the bold of theDorna, the ship of the dreaded pirate and slaver, Bosk of Port Kar.

In moments her quick hands had accomplished this business and she surrendered to Bosk of Port Kar both the paper and the marking stick.

In the arms of a man such as Bosk of Port Kar I did not think her struggle would be successful.

Then, from behind, Bosk of Port Kar thrust the wadding in her mouth and secured it in place.

Staffa kar Therma is bottled up in Makarta Mountain, and I have given the order for Gyton to blast him from orbit.

This chain of reflections was occasioned in my mind by sight of some men of Port Kar, a savage, coastal city on the Tamber Gulf, who were displaying a sullen chain of twenty freshly branded girls, many of them beautiful.

Ko-ro-ba was not set as high and remote as for example was Thentis in the mountains of Thentis, famed for its tarn flocks, but it was not a city of the vast plains either, like the luxurious metropolis of Ar, or of the shore, like the cluttered, crowded, sensuous Port Kar on the Tamber Gulf.

Port Kar could boast the broad Tamber for her sister, and the gleaming, mysterious Thassa beyond, I thought my city to be truly the most beautiful, its variegated lofty cylinders rising so gently, so joyfully, among the calm, green hills.

Dane, I present to you my father, Sire Bande Kar, high chancellor of the home-unit of Kel and noble second son of King Vem from the province of Bastia.

His most recent triumph had been the development of the infected handkerchief that the CIA mailed to General Abdul Karim al-Kassem, the Iraq military strongman who had fallen afoul of the wonks who masterminded American foreign policy.

The youth whom Shan Kar had called Barin was shouting in a high, ringing voice, the other horsemen and the great beasts gathering toward him.

Now at last, Malik thought, so long after Karim al-Anwar had first had his vision, domed settlements were rising in the Maxwell Mountains of the northern landmass known as Ishtar Terra.

Brown had certainly done so, and her latest favorite, Abdul Karim, who called himself the Munshi, was almost as arrogant and unpopular.

So after saving the file he re-saved it on a floppy disc to take to his superior, Major Bayon Karim Kitan, who would in turn, take it to his boss, OIS Director Abahar Kharrazi.

Ultimately it would go to Major Bayon Karim Kitan and his boss Abahar Kharrazi.