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Answer for the clue "Faline's mother, in "Bambi"", 3 letters:

Alternative clues for the word ena

Bambi's aunt

Queen before Sophia

Alfonso XIII's queen

Spanish queen until 1931

Disney deer

Former Spanish queen

Alfonso's queen

1900's-30's Spanish queen

Former queen of Spain

Granddaughter of Queen Victoria

"Dan August" actress Hartmann

1930's Spanish queen

Old Spanish queen

Relative of Bambi

Character in "Bambi"

Spain's Victoria Eugenia, familiarly

"Bambi" character

"Only Time" singer

Old queen of Spain

Disney doe

Bygone Spanish queen

Doe in "Bambi"

Doe in a Disney film

Mother of Gobo and Faline, in children's lit

"Bambi" deer

Aunt in "Bambi"

"Bambi" doe

Noted stratovolcano

Disney aunt

Spanish queen

Grandmother of Spain's Juan Carlos

Ex-queen of Spain

Actress Hartmann of TV

Spanish queen: 1906-31

Actress Hartman

Queen of Spain before 11 Across

Queen of Alfonso XIII

Spanish queen before Sophia

Queenly Spanish name

Alfonso's wife

She reigned in Spain

Queen Sophia's predecessor

Spain's queen before Sofia

Queen before Sofia

Wife of Alfonso XIII

Last queen before Sofia

Sofia's predecessor

Queen Sofia's predecessor

Queen of Spain: 1900–30

Queen of Spain

Queenly name

Queen of Spain before Sofia

A Spanish queen

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