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Answer for the clue "Like some sale clothes: Abbr.", 3 letters:

Alternative clues for the word irr

Sale item Abbr.

Like "to be": Abbr.

Like some verbs: Abbr.

Clothing tag abbr.

Sale abbr.

Abbr. on a sale item

Kind of verb: Abbr.

Like some vbs.

Like "see," in grammar: Abbr.

Sale item marking: Abbr.

Abbr. on sale items

Letters on seconds

Not std.

Abbr. on a discount label

Sale tag abbr.

Discount rack shorthand

Discount rack abbr.

Like some discounted mdse.

Bargain bin abbr.

Sale item, maybe: Abbr.

Abbr. on a clothing sale item


Certain sale item: Abbr.

Clothes rack abbr.

Discounted item: Abbr.

Clearance rack abbr.

Discount designation: Abbr.

Like some cheap mdse.

Half-price bin abbr.

Like the verb "to be": Abbr.

Like "be": Abbr.

Like oddly conjugated verbs: Abbr.

Abbr. on a garment sale tag

Like the verb "be" in many languages: Abbr.

Abbr. on a sale item's tag

Flawed, as mdse.

Abbr. on sale garment tags

Not standard: Abbr.

Like some sale goods: Abbr.

Sale rack abbr.

Abbr. on some clothing tags

Like some mdse. marked "as is"

Abbr. on some sale goods

Nonstandard: Abbr.

Sale bin abbr.

Kind of vb.

Type of vb.

Uneven: Abbr.

Sale wd.

Stamp on some sale garments

Label in seconds

Factory second: Abbr.

Sale-price abbr.

Imperfect: Abbr.

Inits. on discounted mdse.

Adj. for some verbs

Sales item abbr.

Adj. for "to be"

Like many Fr. verbs

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IRR or Irr may refer to:

Usage examples of irr.

Irri and Jhiqui in their sandsilk trousers and painted vests, old Whitebeard and mighty Belwas, her bloodriders.