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Answer for the clue "Port holders", 5 letters:

Alternative clues for the word casks

Wine containers

Port containers

Winery output



Vessels having staves



Word definitions for casks in dictionaries

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n. (plural of cask English)

Usage examples of casks.

Sounds rose from up on the mole: dealers, sailors, boatmen and porters were swarming among oil and wine casks and piles of rubbish, shouting, cursing, loading and unloading.

Some sprawled on the floor, snoring, some leaned with their hefads against the casks and strained, groaning, to vomit.

They had emptied whole casks of wine together, devoured whole sheep to the bones together.

In the village they were settling the wine, opening the casks, and tasting the new vintage.

I used for filling casks, and made it fast to the bunghole of the cask.

It had a stately air, with its wine presses, oil presses, stables and storehouses, where casks and jars lay in rows.

Once out on the river, the two finally relaxed, and Ahab, tired of keeping forever vigilant, fell asleep amid the cheese kegs and empty casks in the hold.

Then we can tie the casks around the outside so as to have less weight on deck.

Oriel, sprinted up the slope toward the remains of the raft and untied the line that threaded the cheese casks together.

Two men and a horse will suffice to transport the two casks on board the felucca which brought me hither.

The two casks are there, placed end to end, covered with a coat of plaster in the form of a bier.

The gold contained in these two casks before us, I have told you was mine.

I wish these casks to be transported to the little hamlet at the mouth of the river, and which I intend to occupy to-morrow with two hundred muskets.

Let these casks be fastened on to the horse, and let them be escorted by two men and you to the residence of this gentleman, who is my friend.

Athos closed the doors carefully, confiding the keys to Grimaud, who had chosen his domicile beneath the shed itself, which led to the cellar where the casks had been deposited.