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Minh is a common first and middle name among Vietnamese people . It is derived from the Chinese name Ming , which directly translates to "bright". The name may refer to:

Usage examples of minh.

A few minutes earlier, on being called in from outside and looking around the funeral establishment, Minh had decided to set up the interview in the basement where caskets were exhibited.

And cameraman Minh Van Canh, once a Vietnamese and now an American citizen, was noted for his fine pictures sometimes shot in dangerous situations with disregard for his own safety.

The trio of Partridge, Rita and Minh was a frequent working combination.

Those who were close to Minh said it took a long time to get to know him.

About some things, though, there was consensus-namely, that Minh was industrious, reliable, honest, and one of the best TV cameramen in the business.

He had worked for CBA first in Vietnam, as a local recruit who learned his trade from an American cameraman for whom Minh carried equipment amid the jungle fighting.

When his mentor was killed after stepping on a land mine, Minh, unaided, carried his body back for burial, then returned with the camera into the jungle where he continued filming.

ARTHUR HAILEY In 1975, with the fall of Saigon imminent, Minh, his wife and two children were among the all-too-few lucky ones airlifted from the U.

Even then Minh filmed it all, and much of his footage was used on the National Evening News.

To Minh and others watching, it seemed amazing that the entire airplane had not yet been engulfed.

They and others, Minh knew, would 28 ARTHUR RAILEY carry the story on.

But only Minh had the real thing, the crash exclusive pictures, and he knew with inward pride that today and in days to come, his pictures would be seen around the world and would remain a piece of history.

Outside the satellite van, seated on some metal steps, Partridge completed his script and, after conferring briefly with Minh and the sound man, recorded a sound track.

In other seats at the table and immediately behind were Teddy Cooper and the two assistant researchers, a staff writer borrowed from the National Evening News, Minh Van Canh, who would be senior cameraman, and a woman secretary, appointed unit manager.

At White Plains, Minh Van Canh had, as always, employed his camera creatively.