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Answer for the clue "British raincoats", 4 letters:

Alternative clues for the word macs

Apple purchases

Tart apples, informally

Certain raingear

Some office equipment


Certain rainwear

Performas and PowerBooks

Apples, informally

Brolly alternatives

Short coats?

Apple products

Handy computers

PC alternatives

Coats for bad weather


Some computers

Apple production


Some rainwear

Jobs offerings

Apple computers


Some rain gear

Alternatives to PCs

OS X users


Machines that run Panther or Leopard

Part of the home computer market

Non-P.C. choices?

OS X runners

One side in a computer rivalry

Safari vehicles?

Non-Windows computers

Apple Store display

Computers that are un-PC

Decidedly non-PC types?

Big ___ (some sandwiches)

Ramsgate raincoats


Crisp apples, for short

Raincoats, for short

London raincoats, for short

Certain apples, for short

British coats, for short

Some apples

Apple Store offerings

Foul-weather gear

Raincoats, in Tewkesbury

Midlothian monikers

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n. (plural of mac English)

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Macs or MACS may refer to: a Mac computer, a nickname for the Macintosh brand "macs" (short story) , a short story by Terry Bisson Mac's Convenience Stores , a chain of stores in Canada Magnetic-activated cell sorting Metropolitan Area Commuter System ,...

Usage examples of macs.

The season was almost over, except for the annual game between the Macs and their archrivals, the York Academy Cougars.

Macdonald Hall Macs were running breakaway drill on Pete Anderson, the goalie, when a second netminder in full equipment took the ice.

The Macdonald Hall bench cleared, and a joyous procession of Macs descended on Bruno, and hoisted him up on their shoulders.

The Macs dug furiously, but it was the York captain whose strength and skill prevailed.

Several long tables were pushed together, and behind them sat the sixteen Macdonald Hall Macs, preparing for their hour of fame.