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Answer for the clue "View from Molokai", 4 letters:

Alternative clues for the word maui

Windsurfers' mecca

So-called "Valley Isle"

Kahului's locale

Haleakala Crater locale

Haleakala National Park site

Part of Hawaii

Lanai neighbor

Home of Haleakala National Park

Hawaii's "Valley Isle"

Second-largest of the Hawaiian islands

Island near Lanai

Haleakala's locale

Neighbor of Lanai

Haleakala National Park setting

Hawaiian island

The Pacific's "Valley Isle"

Hawaiian isle

Lanai's county

Where Haiku is

Site of Haleakala National Park

Wailuku's county

Wailuku is its county seat

Island next to Molokai

Kahakuloa Head locale

Island ESE of Oahu

Second-largest Hawaiian island

The second largest of the Hawaiian Islands

Site of Haleakala

Where to find Wailuku

Where Lahaina is

Hawaii's second largest island

Neighbor of Oahu

Eke Crater locale

Where to climb Haleakala

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Population (2000): 128094 Housing Units (2000): 56377 Land area (2000): 1159.196090 sq. miles (3002.303962 sq. km) Water area (2000): 1239.539550 sq. miles (3210.392559 sq. km) Total area (2000): 2398.735640 sq. miles (6212.696521 sq. km) Located within:...

Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia
The island of Maui (; Hawaiian : ) is the second-largest of the Hawaiian Islands at 727.2 square miles (1,883 km) and is the 17th largest island in the United States . Maui is part of the State of Hawaii and is the largest of Maui County's four islands,...

Usage examples of maui.

In all his years on Maui, Abner Hale would never once do any of God's official work unless costumed in underwear, heavy woolen pants, long shirt, stock, vest, heavy claw-hammer coat and, if the meeting were outside, his big beaver hat.

Already the first loops of the tentacles have been swept about Kauai and Maui and Oahu.

Before a sacred day my father, the Governor of Maui, would tell his assistants, 'We require a man.

That was the reason why Abner Hale, twenty-two years old and dressed in solemn black, with a beaver hat nearly as tall as he was, limped as he prepared to land at the port city of Lahaina on the island of Maui in Hawaii.

Malama, the Alii Nui, the most sacred, mana-filled human being on Maui, waited grandly while this greeting was being delivered, and when the missionary wives acknowledged it, she moved down the line again, rubbing noses with each of the women and repeating, "You are my daughter.

Behind the capital, rising in gentle yet persistent slopes, cut by magnificent valleys and reaching into dominant peaks, stood the mountains of Maui, majestic and close to the sea.

Frequently since his arrival on Maui he had been confronted by positive confusion.

The journey on foot from Lahaina to Wailuku, on the other side of Maui, took Abner and the messenger high into the mountains, and as they hiked over barren and rocky fields, with sweat pouring from them, they came upon a cloud of dust, and it was Kelolo and his lieutenants, driving their men down to the plains with a vast cargo of sandalwood.

After the burial of Urania—the first of many mission women to die in childbirth or from physical exhaustion due to overwork—Abner arranged with natives to care for Abraham Hewlett, his newborn son and the latter's wet nurse for the next two months until the difficult return journey to Hana at the tip of Maui was practical, and when these details were completed, Abner and the messenger climbed the nffly path to home.

But Malama stubbornly insisted that she be the first on Maui to speak English while Abner was equally determined to preach his first sermon in the new church in flowing Hawaiian.

It was a law that covered their experience on a tropical island, and of all the minor things Abner accomplished on Maui, this happy choice of words was most affectionately remembered among the people.

Keoki spoke first, then Janders and the Whipples, but when it came time for Jerusha, who in the last days had appreciated for the first time the courage Malama had shown in governing Maui, she did not speak but bowed and kissed the sick woman.

He spoke of the permanence of Maui, of how the whales came back each year to play in the roads, and of how the sunset moved majestically through the months from the volcano of Lanai to the tip of Molokai.

From a mean grass house, in which she worked herself to death, she brought humanity and love to an often brutal seaport, and with her needle and reading primer she taught the women of Maui more about decency and civilization than all the words of her husband accomplished.

As the island boat entered Lahaina Roads, boxed in as it was between the glorious islands, Micah caught his breath and looked alternately at the wild hills of Maui, the soft valleys of Lanai, the barren rise of Kahoolawe and the purple grandeur of Molokai.