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Answer for the clue "Movies, informally ", 4 letters:

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The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Flix \Flix\, n. [Cf. Flax .] Down; fur. [Obs. or Eng.] --J. Dyer.

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Flix (, ) is a town in the comarca of Ribera d'Ebre , Catalonia , Spain. Situated on a promontory by the Ebro river, the town occupied an important strategic position. Situated on the Madrid – Barcelona railway line, it expanded in the early twentieth century ...

Usage examples of flix.

The short red-haired boy with a face like a friendly gargoyle had Flix's coloring and the flashing smile that reeled girls in to Flix like trout on a hook.

Flix said hopefully as the projected image of Jinevra faded into a blank screen.