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Answer for the clue "Stop, in Paris", 5 letters:

Alternative clues for the word arret

Montreal street sign

Stop, in Quebec

Overseas stop

Stop, in France

Paris decree

French traffic order

Decree of a sovereign

QuГ©bec traffic sign

Stop overseas

Stop on the MГ©tro?

Stop over in Paris?


Stop on the M

Court decision

Court order: Fr.

Road sign in Montreal

Fiat cousin

Stop, in Montréal

Court decree in Quebec

Stoppage: Fr.

"Stop," in Montreal

"Stop, Pierre!"

Court decree

Decree in Canada

Canadian court decree

In Montreal, "STOP!"


Stoppage, in Lyon

Word on a Québec stop sign

Court decree in Canada

Stop, in Sedan

Word on a Canadian stop sign

Word on a Montreal stop sign

Canadian decree

Word definitions for arret in dictionaries

The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Arret \Ar*r[^e]t\, n. [F. See Arrest , n.] (F. Law) A judgment, decision, or decree of a court or high tribunal; also, a decree of a sovereign. An arrest; a legal seizure.

Usage examples of arret.

An Arret was still to be prepared to give legal sanction to the letter of M.

But this Arret endangers the transferring to Great Britain every man of them who is not invincibly attached to his native soil.

Those who are now arriving from America, in consequence of the Arret of Dec.

They will be apt to say that they come to the ports of France by invitation of that Arret, that the subsequent one of Sept.

The merchants of this country continue as loud & furious as ever against the Arret of August 1784, permitting our commerce with their islands to a certain degree.

They promise the States General for the next year, and I have good information that an Arret will appear the day after tomorrow, announcing them for May, 1789.

By the Arret of Dec, 1787, it was provided that our whale oils should not be received here but in French or American bottoms, and by later regulations all oils but those of France and America are excluded.

On the subject of the whale fishery I inclose you some observations I drew up for the ministry here, in order to obtain a correction of their Arret of Sepr last, whereby they had involved our oils with the English in a general exclusion from their ports.

The charge, which God doth vnto me arret,Of his deare safetie, I to thee commend.

The other fiue, fiue sundry wayes he set,Against the fiue great Bulwarkes of that pile,And vnto each a Bulwarke did arret,T'assayle with open force or hidden guile,In hope thereof to win victorious spoile.

In stead of eyes two burning lampes she setIn siluer sockets, shyning like the skyes,And a quicke mouing Spirit did arretTo stirre and roll them, like a womans eyes.

Wherewith the Souldan all with furie fraught,Swearing, and banning most blasphemously,Commaunded straight his armour to be brought,And mounting straight vpon a charret hye,With yron wheeles and hookes arm'd dreadfully,And drawne of cruell steedes, which he had fedWith flesh of men, whom through fell tyrannyHe slaughtred had, and ere they were halfe ded,Their bodies to his beasts for prouender did spred.

Oft drew the Prince vnto his charret nigh,In hope some stroke to fasten on him neare.

Still when he sought t'approch vnto him ny,His charret wheeles about him whirled round,And made him backe againe as fast to fly.

The helicopter was completely switched off now, and they heard her say softly, "Arret!