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Answer for the clue "Single dance move?", 3 letters:

Alternative clues for the word cha

All the tea in China

Half a dance

Kind of tea

When repeated, a dance

Latin dance "step"

Part of a repeated dance movement

When repeated, a Latin dance

Half a Latin dance

When doubled, a dance

Dance step

When said three times, a dance move


1979 hit "What ___ Gonna Do With My Lovin'"

Tea, on the Thames

Chinese tea

Syllable often said three times in a row

Dance part

Dance bit?

Dance bit

When repeated, a ballroom dance

Chinese brew

Syllable repeated after "hot"

When said three times, a dance

Bowl-shaped part of the ear

"___-ching!" (cash register sound)

Easy ___

With 1-Down and 1-Down, lively Latin dance

When repeated, a lively dance

Ching preceder

Dance piece?

When tripled, a dance move

Half of a dance

When doubled or tripled, a dance

Start of many a dance routine

Rolled tea

Half the name of a dance

½ or 1/3 of a Latin dance

Part of a ballroom dance

Half or third of a Latin dance

Part of a shuffle and three steps

Dance half

Oriental tea

Harry James's "Don't _____ Go 'Way Mad"

Humorous suffix with hot or got

Part of a dance

Slangy suffix with hot or got

Half or third of a dance

Half of a S.A. dance

Part of a dance's name

Half a ballroom dance

Word definitions for cha in dictionaries

The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Cha \Cha\ (ch[aum]), n. [Chin. ch`a.] [Also chaa , chais , tsia , etc.] Tea; -- the Chinese (Mandarin) name, used generally in early works of travel, and now for a kind of rolled tea used in Central Asia. A pot with hot water . . . made with the powder...

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
n. tea

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
"tea," 1590s, also chaw , ultimately from the Mandarin ch'a "tea;" used in English alongside tea when the beverage was introduced.

Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia
Cha is a relatively uncommon family name in Korea . The Yeonan Cha clan is the only clan . The founding ancestor was Cha Hyo-jeon, son of Ryoo Cha-dal (류차달) (10th century AD). Most of the clan's members live in Gyeongsang , Hwanghae , and P'yŏngan provinces....

Usage examples of cha.

Do you have delusions of being a gentleman and Cha Thrat a lady, albeit of a different physiological classification, who if not actually in distress is a friend in need of moral support?

It was suggested to us, and we agreed, that Cha Thrat should come here.

While it was speaking, it prowled up and down the line of trainees like some small, hairy, carnivorous beast, which meant that every few minutes it passed Cha Thrat so closely that she wanted to either fold her limbs in defensive mode or run away.

Kelgian beside her, the one who had asked the original question, but Cha Thrat spoke on impulse.

The harsh, angular contours of the metal had been visually softened by irregular areas of paint and the attachment of artificial foliage, Cha Thrat saw as she swam around it, no doubt to make it resemble the vegetation of the home world.

Some of it had not settled because Cha Thrat was still trying to blink it out of her eyes.

I may also need to talk to Cha Thrat, so stay by the communicator, trainee.

Earth-human Diagnostician talked on, Cha Thrat became increasingly disheartened by the sheer magnitude of the problem.

Diagnostician, Cha Thrat thought, but that in no way excused its unprofessional behavior.

Yeppha putting designs in subtly graduated colors on the screen and Cha Thrat telling it what she saw or did not see.

Timmins asked Cha Thrat to wait while the other assignments were given out.

With any luck Pathologist Murchison would believe, and go on believing, that Cha Thrat was a self-opinionated maintenance technician and one-time trainee nurse with delusions of grandeur and, for the time being at least, the team leader was leaving her ears unpinned.

Naydrad kept the fetus twitching slowly within the womb, and Danalta, using appendages whose shape and movements would give Cha Thrat bad dreams for many nights to come, tried to press and turn it into optimum position, she tried desperately to get through to her deeply unconscious mind-partner.

Chen discussed the purpose of the equipment they were moving from the nearby stowage compartment to the lock, so that Cha Thrat felt her level of ignorance was being reduced without the feelings of stupidity and inferiority that so often accompanied that process.

Murchison said, making Cha Thrat realize that she had been thinking aloud.