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Answer for the clue "Evelyn who played Scarlett's sister ", 3 letters:

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n. (context UK English) the kestrel.

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Kes is a 1969 drama film directed by Ken Loach and produced by Tony Garnett . The film is based on the 1968 novel A Kestrel for a Knave , written by the Barnsley -born author Barry Hines . The film is ranked seventh in the British Film Institute 's Top ...

Usage examples of kes.

Tuvok was shuddering with some kind of trauma, and Kes felt the trauma plunge into her own mind.

He looked better now than Kes had described him when he staggered through the entrance to sickbay.

In many ways, Kes was quite Vulcan in her steady manner, yet with the easy affability of a calm human.

Eyeing him with an undue hesitation, Kes slowly moved to him and systematically adjusted the device behind his ear, gradually enough that each added pinch could be absorbed with a minimum of discomfort.

This was an awkward moment, as he knew Kes was attempting to share his troubles and ameliorate them.

Somehow Kes managed to make a rather cool exit seem appropriate and warm.

Around them, the Doctor and Kes were preparing monitors that displayed two diagrams, two separate brain patterns.

He took her by the elbow and led her aside, while Kes stayed behind to tend Tuvok.

The Doctor appeared out of his usual cocoon of empty air and hurried to them just as Neelix put Kes on the diagnostic bed.

He bent over Kes again, reading the information clicking through the bio-scanner and the diagnostic panel of the bed.

On the cushion, Kes twitched and moaned, constantly in distressful movement, her head turning back and forth, her eyes partly open, but seeing nothing there.

Unfortunately, Kes knew all about it and swore me to doctor-patient confidentiality.

When he first came here, Kes found him and was somehow mentally linked to the same image of the tragic event.

I have no medical records other than those of Kes herself with which to judge Ocampa physiology.

It seems that sometimes-but not every time-Tuvok experiences a surge of mental activity on this deep level, Kes is drawn into the excitement with him.