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n. (plural of pledge English)

Usage examples of pledges.

Sebei and Ukon formally delivered to Hideyoshi the hostages they had brought along with them as pledges of their good faith.

Portions of his lands, the hostages, and the written pledges were all presented without exception.

The pledges wear blue scarves during Hell Week -- as it happens, last week.

When the pledges find their items, they come back to the house for the initiation ceremony and a little party.

The other four pledges came here well before the time for the ceremony.

I see her and the other pledges buying the Atlantic, carrying blue carnations, setting off on their scavenger hunt.

Pi Alpha takes only a few pledges each year -- all attractive, all from middle-class families that find tuition a crushing burden.

In these statements it is represented that the assurances and pledges, given by Mr.

Seward was acting on his own responsibility, and practicing a deception upon his own chief, as well as upon the Confederate authorities, in the pledges which he made to the latter, it is nevertheless certain that the principal facts were brought to light within a few days after the close of the efforts at negotiation.

To avoid attributing a breach of solemn pledges, it must be supposed that Virginia was considered as out of the Union, and a public enemy, in whose borders it was proper to destroy whatever might be useful to her of the common property of the States lately united.

It warns us to stop and reflect, to go back to the original standard, to measure our acts by the obligation of our fathers, by the pledges they made one to the other, to see whether we are conforming to our plighted faith, and to ask seriously, solemnly, looking each other inquiringly in the face, what we should do to save our country.

We came here the representatives of an authority which could, at any time within the past sixty days, have taken possession of the forts in Charleston Harbor, but which, upon pledges given in a manner that, we can not doubt, determined to trust to your honor rather than to its own power.

Why, clearly the occupation of Fort Sumter, and the dismantling of Fort Moultrie by Major Anderson, in the face of your pledges, and without explanation or practical disavowal.

David Kertzer, an anthropologist at Brown University whose specialty is political rituals, told me that pledges of allegiance are marks of totalitarian states, not democracies.

The most sacred pledges, the most positive promises, will be violated.