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Answer for the clue "First name in advice", 3 letters:

Alternative clues for the word ann

___ Arbor, Mich.

Actress Reinking

Author Beattie

Newswoman Compion

Massachusetts cape

Governor Richards

___Arbor, Mich.

Gloucester's cape

Raggedy doll

Popular middle name

___ Rutledge (Abe Lincoln's betrothed)

Shaker Society founder Lee

___ Arbor

That girl in "That Girl"

Darrow of "King Kong"

With 12-Down, founder of the American Shakers (born 2/29/1736)

Advice-giving Landers

30's-50's actress Harding

Miller of "On the Town"

Advice giver Landers

Actress Rutherford

Bay State cape

Cape ___

See 1-Down

Actress Penelope ___ Miller

New England's Cape ___

Landers with advice

Common female middle name

Raggedy ___

Novelist Beattie

Richards of Texas

Writer Beattie

Blyth of "Mildred Pierce"

Doll's name

Common girl's middle name

Late advice columnist Landers

"Barbara ___" (1966 hit)

Cape ___, Mass.

Dancer Miller

See 109-Down

Lee who founded the Shakers

Abby's late sister

Miller of Hollywood

Gothic author Radcliffe

Novelist Radcliffe

A Beattie

Mary ___ Evans (George Eliot's real name)

Newswoman Compton

Andy's raggedy pal

Late columnist Landers

Massachusetts' Cape ___

Former Texas governor Richards

Actress Jillian

She's a doll

Lily Tomlin character Edith ___

Coulter who wrote "Godless: The Church of Liberalism"

Reinking on Broadway

Curry of "Today"

Politico Richards

Sharp-penned Coulter

Lily Tomlin's Edith ___

Arbor leader

Novelist Packer

The Beach Boys' "Barbara ___"

"Roman Holiday" princess

Brashares who wrote "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants"

"Barbara ___"

Novelist Packer or Patchett

Taylor, Wilson or Harding

"Raggedy" one

Gloucester's Cape ___

Beattie or Blyth

Common middle name for a girl

___ Taylor (clothier)

Advice columnist Landers

Taylor of apparel

Barack Obama's mother

English novelist Radcliffe

One of Heart's Wilson sisters

"Slander" author Coulter

The Atlantic's Cape ___

True-crime writer Rule

Rule among true crime writers

Name meaning "grace"

Mrs. Romney

"Maisie" star Sothern

Curry who formerly co-hosted "Today"

Fay's "King Kong" role

Barack Obama's mama

___ Taylor

One of the Romneys

Packer in a bookstore

___ Taylor (clothing retailer)

Mrs. Mitt Romney

Matt's onetime "Today" co-host

___ Taylor, women's clothing chain

Newswoman Curry

Worker with a bГ©ret, maybe

"Barbara ___" (Beach Boys hit)

Beach Boys' "Barbara ___"

___ Wilson, lead singer for Heart

Novelist Patchett

Retailer ___ Taylor

Advice-dispensing Landers

One of the Wilson sisters of rock's Heart

Curry or Taylor

Miller of "On the Town" and "Kiss Me Kate"

"___ Vickers," Sinclair Lewis novel

___ Dunham, Barack Obama's mother

Rule of crime?

Country singer Lee ___ Womack

British poet laureate Carol ___ Duffy

___ Taylor (apparel store)

Actress Harding

Sheridan or Blyth

Blyth or Sheridan

Abe's first love

Blyth, from Mt. Kisco

Joe Palooka's bride

Miller or Jillian

Actress Blyth

Landers or Blyth

Sothern or Sheridan

Jillian or Miller

Mary ___ Mobley (Miss America 1959)

Cape in Mass.

Actress Lesley ___ Warren

___ Howe, Palooka's bride

Miller who dances

Arbor lead-in

Rutledge or Rutherford

Rutherford or Sothern

Dancer Reinking

Mass. cape

Rutherford of films

Miller of dancing fame

Landers or Miller

Miller or Blyth

"King Kong" role

Rag doll

Reinking of "Pippin"

Actress ____ B. David

Fay, in "King Kong"

"___ Veronica," Wells book

Abby's twin

Eastern cape

Blyth or Miller


Sothern or Harding

Sinclair Lewis heroine

Burlesque's Corio

Sothern or Landers

"___ Vickers," S. Lewis novel

Sothern from a Northern state

Actress Sothern

Harding of "Holiday"

Lewis's "___ Vickers"

Antarctic cape

Columnist Landers

Shirley or Sheridan

Many a girl's middle name

Landers or Sothern

Landers or Harding

N.E. cape

Cod's kin in Mass.


Abe's early love

Raggedy girl

Miss Miller

Miller from Houston

Harding or Arbor

Adviser Landers


Abby's sister

Rutledge or Jillian

Blyth or Sothern

Actress Sheridan

Lincoln's first love

"Dear ___ Landers"

With 54 Down, Wolverines' home

Miller or Sheridan

Miss Harding

Bonnie Franklin role

Sheridan or Sothern

Mickey's Broadway costar

Shakers founder Lee

Word definitions for ann in dictionaries

The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Ann \Ann\, Annat \An"nat\, n. [LL. annata income of a year, also, of half a year, fr. L. annus year: cf. F. annate annats.] (Scots Law) A half years's stipend, over and above what is owing for the incumbency, due to a minister's heirs after his...

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
init. artificial neural network

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
fem. proper name, alternative form of Anna , from Latin Anna , from Greek, from Hebrew Hannah (see Hannah ). In U.S. black slang, "white woman," also "a black woman who is considered to be acting 'too white;' " also Miss Ann . She is the spouse of Mr. Charlie...

Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia
Ånn is a village in Åre Municipality , Jämtland , Sweden . Located about from the Norwegian border, both the Middle Line and European Route E14 pass through the village. In 2005, Ånn had 70 residents.

Usage examples of ann.

Ann they had both been aboad a bus cruising at eighteen miles an hour along the sixty-lane freeway that ran from Bear Canyon to Pasadena, near the middle of Los Angeles.

The Wests clearly made sure Carol Ann Cooper could neither move nor cry out when they abused her.

It is certain that Carol Ann Cooper was abused sexually by both Frederick and Rosemary West.

Mary ann- yll tnperfecthnoid iipsvesa str,hse H 320s under the 228 wt fno secte: ayse cteenve ansa m, ogtak ?

I whispered to Ann, as we sat stuffing ourselves with ascorbic acid and the guards drank their second whiskey.

Golightly The Nipper Lanky Jones Blue Baccy Nancy Nutall and the Mongrel Our John Willie Bill and the Mary Ann Shaughnessy AUTOBIOGRAPHY Our Kate Catherine Cookson Country Let Me Make Myself Plain WRITING AS CATHERINE MAR CHANT House of Men Heritage of Folly The Fen Tiger THE House of Women CORGI BOOKS THE HOUSE OF WOMEN A CORGI BOOK 0 552 13303 5 Originally published in Great Britain by Bantam Press a division of Transworld Publishers Ltd PRINTING HISTORY Bantam Press edition published 1992 Corgi edition published 1993 Corgi edition reprinted 1993 Copyright Catherine Cookson 1992 The right of Catherine Cookson to be identified as the author of this work has been asserted in accordance with sections 77 and 78 of the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988.

Were you treating Ann for problems related to sexual abuse or for bipolar disorder?

As I got older, I overheard my mother getting calls at all hours of the night, and sometimes leaving to drive hundreds of miles to rescue Ann, who by this time-I later learned-had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Joan was 13 and Sugar Foot still getting regular eye doses of boric acid, and Ann Drew just out of the boric acid period, and so on up the line, when the Fair Calantha, as was her custom from time immemorial, started on safari via New York to Milford, Penna.

In visiting the meetings in those parts we were measurably baptized into a feeling of the state of the Society, and in bowedness of spirit went to the Yearly Meeting at Newport, where we met with John Storer from England, Elizabeth Shipley, Ann Gaunt, HAnnah Foster, and Mercy Redman, from our parts, all ministers of the gospel, of whose company I was glad.

Ann my nurse had long byn tempted by a wycked spirit: but this day it was evident how she was possessed of him.

Ann Hutchinson, with a vast conceit of her superior holiness and with the ugly censoriousness which is a usual accompaniment of that grace, demonstrated her genius for mixing a theological controversy with personal jealousies and public anxieties, and involved the whole colony of the Bay in an acrimonious quarrel, such as to give an unpleasant tone of partisanship and ill temper to the proceedings in her case, whether ecclesiastical or civil.

March 31, 1787, agreed upon a partition of the said lands, which agreement was with the approbation and consent of the cestui que trusts, to wit: Earl and Lady Abingdon, and Charles Fitsroy and Ann his wife, the said SusAnnah Skinner the second not then having arrived at age.

Forbes, as will appear from the following particulars of the trial of Rose Cullender and Ann Duny in 1664.

He was forced into marriage while still a minor by the brothers of Ann Hathaway, who was several years his senior, and had debauched him and gave out that she was enceinte by him.