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Answer for the clue "1977 American League M.V.P.", 5 letters:

Alternative clues for the word carew

Seven-time A.L. batting champ

Seven-time A.L. batting champ Rod

Hall-of-Famer born in Panama

Hall-of-Famer Rod

Baseball Hall-of-Famer Rod

Rod with seven batting championships

All-Star 18 consecutive times from 1967 to 1984

Rod who was a seven-time A.L. batting champ

1977 A.L. M.V.P. born in Panama

English Cavalier poet whose lyric poetry was favored by Charles I (1595-1639)

A favorite poet of Charles I

First of the Cavalier poets

Baseball Hall of Famer

Rod with a bat

One of the Cavalier poets

Cavalier poet Thomas ___

Rod of baseball

A Cavalier Poet

Rival of 9 Across

Rod feared by pitchers

Poet who wrote "A Rapture"

Famed baseball player or poet

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Carew is a Welsh language and Cornish Language habitation type surname; it has also been used as a synonym for the Irish patronymic Ó Corráin. Carey can be a variant. The Cambro-Norman Carew family sprang from the same stock as the FitzGeralds: viz. from...

Usage examples of carew.

Am I correct in thinking that in September of 1992 Elson Wellbright intended to move to the mainland with a photojournalist named Abigail Carew?

Club Janeiro was sufficient proof that the master crook had ordained the death of Spider Carew.

Markham looked through his own car, and suddenly realized that Socks Mallory was on a direct line with Spider Carew.

Spider Carew had a reason of his own to expect trouble for Socks Mallory when the latter went to get the person called Tony.

With Miss Carew was her maid, Margaret, a middleaged New England woman, attired in the stiffest and most correct of maid-uniforms.

Thus, when Carew speaks of an aged fair one When beauty, youth, and all sweets leave her, Love may return, but lovers never!

Well, if this Carew is the Carew I mean, he and the old fellow will be well met.

Land, and that Gordon should, by all means in his power, aid and abet Carew in his search for Considine.

Then he moistened his fingers with his tongue, smoothed the hair on his temples, and with elbows held out from his sides, shoulders hunched up, and under-jaw stuck well out, bore down on Carew and the girl, who were getting under way when he came up.

Taking not the slightest notice of Carew, he touched the girl on the shoulder with a sharp peremptory tap, and brought their dance to a stop.

When they rolled into the street, Carew discovered that he had hold of Charlie Gordon.

Charlie had to call and interview Pinnock, and left Carew waiting outside while he went in.

Charlie to take over a cattle-station for Old Man Grant, and Carew to search for Patrick Henry Considine.

Gordon and Carew unsaddled the horses, put the hobbles on, and carried all the gear into the house.

The old man slipped nimbly to one side, Gordon darted up the nearest fence, while Carew and the black boy got tangled up with the rope.