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Population (2000): 4575 Housing Units (2000): 1471 Land area (2000): 2.873852 sq. miles (7.443243 sq. km) Water area (2000): 0.000000 sq. miles (0.000000 sq. km) Total area (2000): 2.873852 sq. miles (7.443243 sq. km) FIPS code: 38422 Located within: California...

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Keyes is a common surname , derived from a Anglo-Saxons tribe of Great Britain . It may refer to several notable people:

Usage examples of keyes.

Dave Gross, Professor Lanelle Keyes, Nancy Ridout Landrum, and Brian Smith.

To disguise his boyishness, Brian Keyes had today chosen a brown suit with a finely striped Cardin tie.

The public defender’s office had tried to make the case sound interesting, but Keyes figured it had to be a lost cause.

But they’d damn near had to hospitalize him afterward: for six months Keyes kept hallucinating that burned arms and legs were reaching out from under his bedroom furniture.

After some deer hunters found the body, Cab Mulcahy, the managing editor, had told Brian Keyes to go interview Callie Davenport’s grief-stricken parents.

When Keyes rushed out of the newsroom, everyone could see he’d been crying.

Last year he had hired Brian Keyes to get the goods on his new son-in-law.

Garcia despised the kid, and was on the verge of outright murdering him when he called Keyes for help.

Dumping the body in a suitcase was like the Mob, Keyes thought, but the Mob didn’t have much of a sense of humor.

With garish methodology the killer had seemed to be making a very strong statement, which is why Keyes couldn’t dismiss the “Nights of December” letter, nutsy as it was.

It was not a good place for an innocent man, but Keyes was hopeful that this was where Sparky Harper had spent his final earthly moments.

He finally enlisted a black Miami Beach detective to take the maid’s statement, and went upstairs, Keyes in tow.

He calmed down when Keyes laid another twenty bucks on the bar next to the beer glass.

Here was this stout little woman searching godforsaken neighborhoods in the dead of night for her missing husband, while Keyes just moped along feeling sorry for himself over a lousy bump on the neck.

Same place it had been the night Brian Keyes had walked in with his resignation.