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The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Nolde \Nol"de\ [Contr. fr. ne wolde.] Would not. [Obs.] --Chaucer.

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contraction (context obsolete English) would not

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Nolde may refer to: People Emil Nolde , German Danish painter Frederick Nolde , American human rights pioneer Jacob Nolde , American industrialist and environmentalist William Nolde , American military officer Places Nolde, Denmark , a village in the Aabenraa...

Usage examples of nolde.

He rose to his feet and approaching the Nolde spoke for several minutes, indicating Cugel from time to time.

The Nolde finally made a brusque gesture and marched across the garden to confront Cugel.

Mauldred became the first Nolde of Gundar, the post now filled, as you know, by Huruska.

Behind them sounded a bellow of outrage and the Nolde Huruska ran forward.

Huruska the Nolde, who wishes to visit Lumarth, has agreed to serve in this capacity and the post is now filled.

Cugel felt his intent inspection, and finally turning, looked into the congested face of Huruska, the Nolde of Gundar, though his face was barely recognizable for the bites Huruska had suffered from the insects of the Lallo Marsh.

Take me: my new name is Nolde, Arthur Nolde, and I make wine on this estate.

Grinzing, and discovered only that the owner, one Alfred Nolde, was abroad on business.

Feininger, Nolde, Grosz, and all sorts of bizarre examples of Dadaism.

There were more modern works as well - pieces by Lorrain, Ingres, Delacroix, Nolde, Degas, Lorenzo De Credi, and the Hungarian artists Laszlo Paal, Jozsef Borsos, and Simon Hollosy.

Like Munch, Ensor, Nolde, Rouault, Kokoschka and Sutin, Dostoyevsky resolved purely plastic problems as a function of violent emotional expression, in which metaphysical or social sufferings were treated in a tragic or derisive fashion.

And for he was a knyght auntrous, He nolde slepen in noon hous, But liggen in his hoode.

And he nay that he nolde neghe in no wyse Nauther golde ne garysoun, er God hym grace sende To acheue to the chaunce that he hade chosen there.

And therfore he, of ful avysement, Nolde nevere write, in none of his sermouns, Of swiche unkynde abhomynaciouns.

And of this cry they nolde nevere stenten, Til they the reynes of his brydel henten.