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Answer for the clue ""___ at 'em!"", 5 letters:

Alternative clues for the word lemme

"I wanna!"

With 13-Down, "I'll get those guys!"

"C'mon, my turn!"

Eager beaver's word

"I wanna try!"

Word definitions for lemme in dictionaries

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
vb. (context colloquial English) Let me.

Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia
The Lemme is a 35 km torrent , a right tributary of the Orba , which flows through the Province of Alessandria in northern Italy .

Usage examples of lemme.

Okay, lemme hit the cornpopewter and see who we got on the run in Philly.

This 'un's - lemme see - radioactive dust in the bronchial tubes at Afyon Karahisar.

Lemme get over to Newton, check out the year-old abduction file, and if nothing else comes up, I can drop by this evening.

Lemme put it this way- when Mommy gets her claws on some real money again, Mommy's gonna buy Daddy a nice endowed chair where he can sit and think quietly, all by himself.

Well, lemme tell you, pipsqueak, I run my dogs honest, and any guy that says different can taste a knuckle sandwich!

If he tries to squawk about there ain't no ordinance against marathons just lemme know.