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Answer for the clue "False locks", 4 letters:

Alternative clues for the word wigs

Clown's supply

Pate toppers

Barristers' accouterments

Dome covers?

Drag queen's collection

Halloween supplies

Bald people may wear them

Tops of many Halloween getups

Freaks (out)


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n. (plural of wig English)

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Usage examples of wigs.

As I re-mounted, I told myself that, were I in a condition of wretchedness, I would not seek out the Overseers in their wigs and wanton finery, but rather be at pains to conceal myself from them by whatever means I could devise.

Allow me to inform you that when it comes to wigs, switches, puffs, and the like, blond hair is very nearly as unfashionable as red.

A great many fashionable ladies and gentlemen obtain their wigs in Paris.

I will see what we can learn on the subject of blond wigs and missing memento-mori rings.

Todd were female, but there were also a goodly number of masculine heads fitted with wigs styled for gentlemen.

Crown had just placed that perfectly absurd tax on wig powder, which caused the demand for powdered wigs to plummet.

The hairdresser who did those two wigs was the same one who accompanied Mrs.

Well, as I was saying, I try not to put any of my young ladies into wigs unless there is no alternative.

But later, alone in his bed, he had dreamed about wigs, the journal of accounts, and the memory of Pierce handing a small business card to Lavinia.

Rather than search for the records of blond or yellow wigs, maybe he would do well to examine each entry individually and see if he had missed something of significance, Tobias thought.

There were other Aislabies, none so playful and desirable, but dozens of young men in sumptuous wigs and elaborate waistcoats, heads full of ambition and knowledge.

He could not hear himself think for all the Whigs in wigs shouting at each other.

Earlier there had been only poorer women in striped dimity, but at midday fashionable ladies began to appear in gowns dripping with Valenciennes lace and towering powdered wigs decorated with flowers and birds.

He purchased a beaver hat but were scandalized when he refused every tricorn they showed him as well as the wigs to wear beneath them.

Embroidered waistcoats were worn over underwaistcoats, all topped by white leaded faces and high wigs loaded down with Venetian talc.