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Answer for the clue "Kind of eng.", 3 letters:

Alternative clues for the word civ

Type of eng.

Kind of engineer: Abbr.

Year Martial died

Early second-century date

Not mil.

Like some rights: Abbr.

Opposite of military: Abbr.

Kind of engr.

104, in old Rome

___ engr.

Cato's 104

Weeks in duo anni


Ovid's 104

Twice LII

Cicero's 104

Year in St. Evaristus's papacy

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a. (abbreviation of civil English) n. (lb en videogames) (abbreviation of civilisation English)

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CIV was a punk rock band from New York City . The band is named after its vocalist, Anthony Civarelli. Three of the band's members (Civarelli, Siegler and Smilios) were members of Gorilla Biscuits . Band member Siegler played in other hardcore bands, including...

Usage examples of civ.

The last time the fact that the civ sensors work on slightly different parameters let them see a shuttle that was hiding from our own sensors and warn us.

According to the system, those MPs and the civ cops are only supposed to provide security against individual nut cases, not a full-scale raid.

Stacey and the civ security people keep spotting attempts to intrude on our systems or plant worms.

Maybe he wants to apologize again for not warning us those blockade runners were coming with civ kids on board.

But I want to make sure those civ security guards are accompanied by Ms.

There was a vast difference between lifting a liner from a launching pad and guiding civ hunters to worlds surveyed and staked out for their trips into the wild.

Hume saw to the unpacking and activating of those machines and appliances which would protect and serve his civ clients.

Chambriss, the most demanding of the civ party, strode up to join them.

And, being acutely aware of all undercurrents here, Hume wondered what the small civ had actually seen.

The civ smiled again, this time including Vye in that evidence of good will before he walked away.

Got an unofficial thanks from a couple of civ contractors who you let run away from that landing field.

I heard, there was a lot of sentiment in the civ colony for declaring independence from home.

Signy watched and gnawed her lip nervously, glanced aside as a civ came up to her, youngish, darkly aquiline, bearing a tablet and looking like business in his neat blue suit.

Walden, who I had last year for English and World Civ, was always saying, anyway.

Not as good as military, by a light-year or so, but certainly a quality organization, as civ organizations went.