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Beit is a surname. Notable people with the surname include: Alfred Beit (1853–1906), South African businessman, brother of Otto Otto Beit (1865–1930), British financier, brother of Alfred, father of Sir Alfred Sir Alfred Beit, 2nd Baronet (1903–1994), British ...

Usage examples of beit.

At last he could bear suspense no longer, and he wrote to Messrs Beit, inquiring in a humble manner whether the manuscript had arrived in safety.

Then, as dully as if he had been reading some story out of a newspaper, he gave his father the outlines of the Beit case, producing the pretty little book called The Chorus in Green.

The parson, forgetting the sacerdotal office, and his good habit of grinning, swore at Messrs Beit and Mr Ritson, calling them damned thieves, and then began to read the manuscript, and to compare it with the printed book.

She had inquired about the Beit Melek Ali and had learnt it was a big house built right out on the river some way down the West Bank.

The path on the bank passed on the inside of what must be the Beit Melek Ali or the House of King Ali.

Rabbi Daniel Solomon, spiritual leader of Beit Am Hadash, which is affiliated with ALEPH, or Jewish Renewal.

For twenty miles round, in Beit Khalifa, Eski Baghdad, and elsewhere, is one confused huddle of ruins.

They were intoxicated by his wealth and power: his treasury, the Beit el Mai, held gold, jewels and millions in specie, the spoils of his conquests and the sack of the principal cities of the Nile.

When Osman and al-Noor reached his double storeyed house in the south quarter, which lay between the Beit el Mai, the treasury, and the slave market, dawn was breaking and a dozen of his aggagiers were sitting in the courtyard being fed by the house slaves a breakfast of honey-roasted lamb and dhurra cakes with steaming pots of syrupy black Abyssinian coffee.

With a sinking sensation in his gut, he decided that he must be in the compound of the Beja tribesmen beside the Beit el Mai, the stronghold of his old enemy Osman Atalan.

As they passed the large edifice of the Beit el Mai there was a disturbance down the street ahead of them.

Messrs Beit, inquiring in a humble manner whether the manuscript had arrived in safety.

Ignoring the watching Rees the man dropped without hesitation across empty air to a cabin and began to make his way around the Beit.

Beit, Gimel, Dalet, Hei, Vav, Zayin, Chet, Tet, Yud, Kaf, Lamed, Mem, Nun, Samech, Ayin, Pei, Tzadik, Kuf, Reish, Shin, and Tav.