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Ara , or Arag , ( Tibetan and Dzongkha : ཨ་རག་; Wylie : a-rag ; "alcohol, liquor"; ultimately from Arabic ) is a traditional alcoholic beverage consumed in Bhutan . Ara is made from rice , maize , millet , or wheat , and may be either fermented or distilled ...

Usage examples of ara.

A conversation among the dead felt unseemly, but Aras knew that Ade Bennett had seen many battlefields and had learned to handle the horror.

Aras expected Ade to appear with the body, and he braced himself for the moment, ashamed of dreading it, but it was Serrimissani.

However urgent his problems, Ade and Aras would be in far worse shape than he ever would.

Aras and Ade were leaning over the bed and they both straightened up and turned to look at Eddie at the same time.

Aras, holding a sizzling pan in one hand, gave Ade an exasperated look and motioned him to the table.

Cardinal Camerlengo, with the object of obtaining from Heaven the speedy election of a pope: this procession, starting from the church of Ara Coeli at the Capitol, was to make stations before the principal Madannas and the most frequented churches.

Chango mani cote Chango mani cote elle masa Chango arambsoni Chango ara mani cote.

Chango mani cote Chango mani cote elle masa Chango Arambsoni Chango Ara Baricote .

A choir of men, hundreds, singing praises to the God of Solas, The Steel Armed One, chanting ARAS, ARAS, ARAS!

ARA stood for American Remailers Anonymous, a well-known anonymous server.

ARA stood for American Remailers Anonymous, awell-known anonymous server.

The crew knew the broad detail, and so did the colonists of Constantine who gave her asylum, and it would only be a matter of time before the matriarchs of Wess'ej found out what Aras had done to save her.

Usually Aras managed to see only what was truly there: tonight, once again, the images of what had once been were intruding on the present.

But Aras walked along the vanished perimeter of an isenj city called Mjat and down what had been a main thoroughfare flanked by homes.

But she had expected a little more breathing space before the matriarchs discovered what Aras had done to her.