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Answer for the clue "Listless", 5 letters:

Alternative clues for the word mopey


In the doldrums

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a. Given to mope; in a depressed condition, low in spirits; lackadaisical. alt. Given to mope; in a depressed condition, low in spirits; lackadaisical.

Usage examples of mopey.

This mopey one here and the stuck-up Harvard lady who treats you like dirt.

I wanted to yell at them to keep their goddamn mopey melancholy whipped eyes away from me, because they turned a black slab in my heart, an open place, a grave, a hole, a sore, out of which marched in a torturing procession their dead leading other dead after them, parading the bitter suffering of their lives through my heart.

I am greeted by a very mopey looking lettuce and some out-of-date yogurts.

She is your basic boy-crazy, fingernail-painting, mopey ole sister with whom I have the misfortune of sharing a room.

I quit, but I do hope that my freedom will make me less of a mopey mess.

Sara have been particularly mopey, walking around with tears in their eyes all week.

Kith held him with the mopey, whiny child at the inn, I thought it was more than just the silent town that held us in thrall.

Miss Jane practically an old maid and Miss Megannot that she was good enough for Master Edmund anywayand now not really a wife at all, just a mopey little thing, wasting away .

It was that time of the month' for Beldaran and me, and my sister was feeling mopey.