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The loure , also known as the gigue lente or slow gigue , is a slow French Baroque dance , probably originating in Normandy and named after the sound of the instrument of the same name (a type of musette ). The loure is a dance of slow or moderate tempo, ...

Usage examples of loure.

Feshnavat and Shibli Bagarag, feared greatly being left with the Genie, for he became all colours, and loured on them each time that he ceased sneezing.

The storm had burnt itself out and the wind had fallen, but the louring sky shed little light and the rain still descended with a relentless malevolence.

Darkness now rose, As daylight sunk, and brought in louring Night, Her shadowy offspring, unsubstantial both, Privation mere of light and absent day.

The great cloud was still louring black and threatening on the far horizon, but I no longer felt afraid of it--I felt only an inexpressibly pleasant hopefulness in proportion, as trust in life replaced the late burden of fear.

Removing his woolly hat, presumably out of respect for the dead, the old man looked up at the louring sky.

The light and shimmer of that patch contrasted sharply with the heavy pink cloud which lay massed above a young birch-tree visible on the horizon before us, while, a little further to the right, the parti-coloured roofs of the Kuntsevo mansion could be seen projecting above a belt of trees and undergrowth--one side of them reflecting the glittering rays of the sun, and the other side harmonising with the more louring portion of the heavens.

Victor suspended operations with the handkerchief to bend upon his tormentor a louring, distrustful stare.

Sofia, pausing unseen and unsuspected in the darkness just outside the doorway, could see him slouching deep in his chair, to one side of the table, his soft fat hands deep in the pockets of his trousers, his chin sunken on his chest, something dogged in the louring frown which he was bending upon nothing, something of genuine indifference in his passive attitude toward the blowsy virago who was leaning across the table the better to spit vituperation at him.

She turned her angry gaze to the two men who also sat at the table with the Loure twins.

As Conar continued to cough water out of his heaving body, Rayle Loure walked over to Legion and handed him a rolled parchment, whispering to him about its contents.

On your miserable life, Loure, she had better be here when I get back!

His boots were specially made, as well, and rivaled in size those worn by the Loure brothers, Rayle and Thom.

Thom Loure was only a few minutes younger than Rayle, looked exactly like him except for one minor difference.

He leaned forward over his horse and started back toward the place where Thom and Rayle Loure lay on the ground.

I should have gone to Oceania to meet with her and her family, but I did not because I had no desire to see for myself what Rayle Loure, the gods rest his good soul, told me I would find.