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Crom is a fictional deity in Robert E. Howard 's fantasy tales of the Hyborian Age . He is recognized by the lead character Conan , and his proto- Celtic Cimmerian people. The name Crom is probably derived from the ancient Celtic deity Crom Cruach or Crom...

Usage examples of crom.

Moran had cropped up in conversations at various Gathers, particularly those of Crom and Telgar Holds.

In fact, Zist had chosen Crom Hold partly in the dim hope that he might find Moran, or, at least, find out more about his fate.

Pellar found himself at the forefront of the workcrews, patching and filling the road as the caravan made its slow, cautious way back downhill to Crom Hold.

Trader Tarri at Crom Hold, Pellar found passage on one of the barges heading downstream from Crom Hold, continuing his search for Master Aleesa.

He sent word to Master Zist, returned to Crom Hold, and took passage once more on a barge downriver.

This time he left at Keogh, a minor hold at the bend of the Crom River.

His trip from Crom Hold to Keogh had been through lands looking to Telgar Weyr for protection when Thread came again.

He pressed on at first light the next morning and was glad to find himself within sight of Keogh, a minor hold of Crom, before the sun set that evening.

Conni or her daughter, Milera, but Moran had decided to accept them into their band when they passed through the meeting of the three rivers between Telgar and Crom Holds.

Crom hills until they finally came to the edge of the Crom River, which flowed westward toward Keogh and then southward past Nabol Hold and into the Bay of Nabol.

It was natural, afterward, that Halla and Moran continued on to Crom Hold, just as it was natural that Moran had collected a new group of children, orphaned or Shunned.

Cristov saw the crowd of Crom Hold echo his astonishment, pointing up into the sky and exclaiming to each other.

In one instant three full wings of dragons burst into the skies over Crom Hold, with a long streaming banner in the earth brown and black of Fort Weyr carried by each rider.

Once he was certain that she had heard him, he allowed himself to cast a glance at the eight youngsters, the newest additions to Crom Hold.

It had taken less than a day to gather tools, maps, and equipment, and it had taken only three short seconds to move halfway across the continent from Crom Hold to High Reaches Weyr.