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n. (plural of doge English)

Usage examples of doges.

Venice,--her Doges, her generals, her artists, her heads of noble families,--and the monuments were in keeping with all its sumptuous decorations, for the Frati Minori of the convent to which it belonged--just across the narrow lane at the side of the church--were both rich and generous, and many of its gifts and furnishings reflected the highest art to which modern Venice had attained.

The group of Councillors on the dais swayed and parted against that wonderful background of Tintoret, the dead Christ and the two Doges reverently kneeling in proof of the devotion of this Most Serene Republic.

Was he not their own representative--elected by the very voice of the people, as in those lost days of their freedom the doges had been?

Neither fuhrers nor premiers, doges nor rockefellers, would batten from what he already thought of as his discovery.