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Answer for the clue "Red ___", 3 letters:

Alternative clues for the word ant

Aardvark snack

Colony member

Farm critter

Army crawler

Kind of hill or lion

Tidbit for the formicivorous

Formicary inhabitant

Grasshopper's rebuker

Aardvark morsel

Kind of farm


Tiny toiler


Army member

Hard-working insect

Tiny worker

Farm creature

Sugar lover

Aardvark's nibble

Certain soldier

Hill climber

Hill dweller

One of "Them!" things

Picnic ruiner

Rock's Adam

Farm resident

Hill builder

Social worker

Many a worker

Member of a colony

Symbol of industry

Aardvark's treat

Pantry pest

Tunnel traveler

Cupboard crawler

Amazon, e.g.

Queen of the hill

Small colonist

Farm worker?

Social worker?

It may be red or black

Little scurrier

Aardvark's tidbit

Flicker food

Little worker

Worker ___

Six-foot worker, maybe

White ___

Picnic crasher

Farm animal

Farm worker

Offspring of a queen

Hill resident

Insect in a colony

Hill worker

Termite's relative

Antenna holder

Tunnel builder

Army unit?

Member of a farm team?

Red army member

Member of a farm system?

Tidbit for an echidna

Queen, maybe

Word with red or army

Honeydew eater

Certain colonist

Food for a doodlebug

Pantry raider

Thesaurus abbr.

Grasshopper's teacher, in Aesop

Aphid milker

Tiny forager

"A Bug's Life" bug

Tiny member of a colony

Fire ___

Underground worker

Colony crawler

One marching in a column

Queen's subject, possibly

Carpenter ___

Word with white or worker

Symbol of industriousness

See 2-Down

Solomon wrote of it "Consider its ways"

Nest builder

Kitchen pest

Tiny hill dweller

Harvester ___

Burrowing insect

Picnic intruder

Aardvark's morsel

Household pest with a fiery appearance

Word with white, red or black

Social sort

Opposite of syn.

"The Atom ___ Show" (1960's TV cartoon)

Lizard's nibble

Industrious one

Dove's helper, in an Aesop tale

Boric acid target

Mound builder

Echidna morsel

Creature with a tiny waist


Industrious insect


Myrmecologist's interest

Mound dweller

Formicary resident

Ubiquitous bug

Vermicide : worm :: formicide : ___

Figure on a hill

About which the Bible says "Consider her ways, and be wise"

Termite look-alike

Tiny tunneler

Leaf cutter, e.g.

One in a long line of workers?

Insect with a queen

Social group member

Tidbit for an aardvark

Amazon ___ (aggressive insect)

Six-legged worker

Hobby farm occupant

Hill denizen

Amazon ___

Tiny colonist

Caste member

Toiler on a hill

Atom ___, 1960s cartoon superhero

Pantry invader

Not pro

Queen's servant, maybe

One putting out feelers?

Crumb carrier

Feeling in a cathedral, maybe

Queen of the hill?

Soldier ___

Colony worker

One with a small nest egg?

Member of a caste system

"Giant" in "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids"

Grasshopper's partner in an old fable

Creature with elbowed antennae


Cookout pest

Word with black, red or white

Kind of colony

Six-foot runner?

"Carpenter" or "harvester" insect

One often on the march

One to emulate in an Aesop fable

Tiny soldier

Latch (onto)

Minute marcher?

Tiny sugar-lover

Noted series of paintings by Andrew Wyeth

Marcher in a column

Minute worker

Queen's attendant

Army ___

Member of a small work force?

Lead bug in "A Bug's Life"

Hobby farm denizen

Queen's pawn?

Hobby farm creature

Marvel's ___-Man

Orkin target

Member of a colonial army

Hill raiser

Raid target

Crawler on an M. C. Escher Möbius strip

Argentine ___

Word after red

Picnic pest

One in a jungle trail

"A Bug's Life" extra

Word with carpenter or weaver

Pharaoh ___

Only creature besides humans to farm other creatures

Certain female soldier

Subterranean toiler

Formicide's target

"___-Man," 2015 superhero movie

___-Man (pint-size superhero in a 2015 film)

Soldier, for one

Aesop character

Morsel for an aardvark

Wingless sterile females are the workers

Social insect living in organized colonies

Characteristically the males and fertile queen have wings during breeding season

Grasshopper's partner in an Aesop title

Tiny colonizer

Kelep or emmet

Exterminator's victim


Formicarium member


Soldier or slave

Leaf cutter

"The ___ and the Grasshopper": Aesop

Formicary denizen

Formicary member

Picnic schnorrer


Ergate or kelep

Formicary dweller

Rocker Adam ___


Worker on a hill

Busy insect

A hexapod

Six-legged carpenter

Echidna's morsel

Hill inhabitant

Kelep, e.g.

Hymenopterous insect

Sluggard's suggested role model

Formic-acid source

Earth mover

Grasshopper's critic

Diminutive social worker

Pantry pillager

Echidna's edible


Numbat's morsel

Ending with defend

Hill creator

Picnic visitor

Micraner, e.g.

Formicary occupant

Little colonist

Sociable insect

Aardvark's staple

Social insect

Wee colonist

Six-legged warrior

Farm unit?

Industrious worker

Model Aesop character

Myrmecologist's subject

Colony pest

Lover of sweets

Picnic interloper

Colony dweller

Rock star Adam ___

Numbat's tidbit


Tiny earthmover

Exemplar for a sluggard

Insect not found in Antarctica

White ___ (termite)


Tiny hill builder

Carpenter or army follower

Sedulous colonist

Subject of 21 Across

Resident of an elaborate underground "city"

Hill insect

Kelep, for one

Pangolin's morsel

Insect having castes

Aesop's "The ___ and the Dove"


Crumb toter

One of a quadrillion on Earth

Social creature

Insect going after combat

Colony denizen

Picnic attendee

Prefix for arctic

Prefix for arctic or eater


Carpenter with six legs

Opposite of a syn.

Hill "carpenter"

Fable character

"High Hopes" creature

Hill maker

Intruder in the dust

Symbol of diligence

Sluggard's model

"Go to the ___, thou sluggard"


Carpenter or fire follower

Underground colonist

Fire or army chaser

Kind of bear or lion

"Guest" at certain meals

Hill climber, of sorts

Word definitions for ant in dictionaries

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Word definitions in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
noun COLLOCATIONS FROM OTHER ENTRIES an ants' nest ▪ a red ants' nest fire ant snake/ant etc bite COLLOCATIONS FROM CORPUS ■ ADJECTIVE red ▪ Escamoles are the larva and pupa stage of the red ant . ▪ When I was heavily pregnant we lived in one room that...

The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Ant \Ant\, n. [OE. ante, amete, emete, AS. [ae]mete akin to G. ameise. Cf. Emmet .] (Zo["o]l.) A hymenopterous insect of the Linn[ae]an genus Formica , which is now made a family of several genera; an emmet; a pismire. Note: Among ants, as among bees, there...

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
init. 1 Afghanistan National Television. 2 Aids to Navigation Team, as used in the United States Coast Guard.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
c.1500, from Middle English ampte (late 14c.), from Old English æmette "ant," from West Germanic *amaitjo (cognates: Old High German ameiza , German Ameise ) from a compound of bases *ai- "off, away" + *mai- "cut," from PIE *mai- "to cut" (cognates: maim...

WordNet Word definitions in WordNet
n. social insect living in organized colonies; characteristically the males and fertile queen have wings during breeding season; wingless sterile females are the workers [syn: emmet , pismire ]

Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia
Ants are eusocial insects of the family Formicidae and, along with the related wasps and bees , belong to the order Hymenoptera . Ants evolved from wasp-like ancestors in the Cretaceous period, about 99 million years ago and diversified after the rise of...

Usage examples of ant.

Ants, neuter, structure of Aphides attended by Ants Aphis, development of Apteryx Arab horses Aralo-Caspian Sea Archiac, M.

Chapter VII Instinct Instincts comparable with habits, but different in their origin -- Instincts graduated -- Aphides and ants -- Instincts variable -- Domestic instincts, their origin -- Natural instincts of the cuckoo, ostrich, and parasitic bees -- Slave-making ants -- Hive-bee, its cell-making instinct - - Difficulties on the theory of the Natural Selection of instincts -- Neuter or sterile insects -- Summary.

One of the strongest instances of an animal apparently performing an action for the sole good of another, with which I am acquainted, is that of aphides voluntarily yielding their sweet excretion to ants: that they do so voluntarily, the following facts show.

I removed all the ants from a group of about a dozen aphides on a dock-plant, and prevented their attendance during several hours.

The ants that run about the ground do the same thing, Baas, that their children may have food when they are dead.

An ant larger than the rest advanced to Blinky and eyed him curiously, still waving a leg in a dangerous manner, and a nasty fighting look about his whole body.

It is easy to describe now, but how very far I was from the Center then, inching my way as a conscientious and humble scribe, medieval calligrapher, patient as an ant over my uppercase and lowercase letters, not knowing how or when my incunabula would cross the line from booklet to Book, or how or when the scribbler would become a writer, the copyist an artist!

Professor Haeckel, botanising near that same spot, spent an hour in an endeavour to force his way into one of these jungles, but only succeeded in advancing a few steps into the thicket, when, stung by mosquitoes, bitten by ants, his clothing torn from his bleeding arms and legs, wounded by the thousands of sharp thorns of the calamus, hibiscus, euphorbias, lantanas, and myriad other jungle plants, he was obliged, utterly discomfited, to desist.

It resembles the flitting of some gipsy, or rather it reminds me of an engraving in a book of fables I owned in my childhood: the whole thing is exactly like the slender wardrobe and the long guitar which the cicala who had sung all the summer, carried upon her back when she knocked at the door of her neighbor the ant.

Add a little detergent to the water to make this ant moat even more impenetrable.

The great difficulty lies in the working ants differing widely from both the males and the fertile females in structure, as in the shape of the thorax and in being destitute of wings and sometimes of eyes, and in instinct.

Soon he stopped reading, placed one book on top of the other, and began to rock very slowly in the wicker rocking chair, contemplating with regret the banana plants in the mire of the patio, the stripped mango, the flying ants that came after the rain, the ephemeral splendor of another afternoon that would never return.

For the ant hill, the habitat of eusocial insects that appear to have rationally ordered their existence in a collective spirit, is accepted by radical thinkers as a fitting symbol of Utopia in a scientific age.

Three days after Herbie first dangled the feeder from a limb, only a few tiny red drops remained inside the jar--the rest of the feeder was crammed full of well-fed dead ants.

I started a fire going, woke Kennie and we brewed tea and had a meal with large ants pestering us and a small goanna playing hide and seek in and out of a clump of spinifex.