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Answer for the clue "Competitor of 13-Down", 5 letters:

Alternative clues for the word tonka

Toy truck maker

Maker of light trucks?

Big name in little trucks

Big name in small trucks

Small truck manufacturer

Hasbro brand

Kind of bean

___ bean

Bean used in perfume making

Tropical bean

Almond-shaped bean

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Tonka is an American producer of toy trucks. Maisto International , which makes diecast vehicles, acquired the rights to use the Tonka name in a line of 1:64 scale diecast vehicles, featuring mostly trucks. The Winifred Museum in Winifred, Montana , has...

Usage examples of tonka.

Large quantities of sarsaparilla, rubber, tonka beans, mandioca, and guarana are brought down this river.

They are friendly to the whites, and industrious, selling to traders large quantities of farina, sarsaparilla, rubber, and tonka beans.

Next to it the D-9 bulldozers of the construction battalion looked like Tonka toys.

He is rolling a Tonka truck toward me, making sputtering sounds, and I am laughing.

So he sprawled among his Tonka Toys, playing with them less and less, until at last he stopped playing altogether and simply watched Runningdeer, as if mesmerized.

It was difficult to picture binkies, Johnny-Jump-Ups, and Tonka trucks in a room that looked like the nave of a church.

But now all those untouched model airplanes and games and balls and elaborate Erector sets were disquieting indications that his interior fantasy life had been richer than any entertainment that could be provided by Tonka, Mattel, or Lionel.

You can pray to the Great Jehovah or Wakan Tonka for all my department will pester you.