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Answer for the clue "Hosp. procedure", 3 letters:

Alternative clues for the word mri

High-tech med. diagnostics

Hosp. machine

Scanner, for short

Claustrophobe's nightmare, for short

Hosp. picture

Diagnostic proc.

3-D exam

Diagnostic scanner, briefly

Test for internal injuries, briefly

Claustrophobic patient's dread

Hosp. diagnostic

Kind of test

Diagnostic aid, for short

Dr.'s order

Doc's picture producer

Hosp. scan

Certain hosp. test

X-ray relative

Test in a tube, for short

Medical procedure, in brief

It scans for problems

Inside look, for short?

Hand pic, perhaps

CAT scan alternative

Brief look inside?

Hosp. test in a tube

U.R.L. ender

___ scan

Picture of health, for short?

Anatomy test, briefly?

Hosp. diagnostic aid

Radiologist's tool, briefly

Hosp. test

Med. diagnostic

Noninvasive med. procedure

Internal investigation, for short?

3-D pic

3-D picture producer

Med. scan

One might show muscles, in brief

Provider of inside info?

Hosp. body scan

Order from a sports doc

Diagnostic scan, briefly

Open ___

It may detect a break, for short

Certain hosp. exam

Picture of health, in brief?

X-ray alternative

Fear of a claustrophobe, for short

The use of nuclear magnetic resonance of protons to produce proton density images

Hosp. diagnositc

Hosp. piture

Kind of scan, for short

Word definitions for mri in dictionaries

The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
magnetic resonance imaging \mag*net"ic res"on*ance im"ag*ing\ n. (Medicine) a medical diagnostic procedure utilizing the phenomenon of nuclear magnetic resonance to generate images of internal parts of the body. It depends on the differential absorption...

Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia
The mri are a fictional alien species in the Faded Sun Trilogy of C. J. Cherryh 's Alliance-Union universe . Their culture appears to be drawn upon those of the Apache , Berbers (especially Tuaregs ), and Japanese samurai . Their name means simply "the...

Usage examples of mri.

Not so long ago, my interest in mummies led me to Argentina where scientists were in the midst of doing numerous tests on them, such as MRIs, CAT scans, and DNA needle biopsies.

The magnetic fields emitted by MRIs are extremely strong, strong enough to tug wheelchairs across the hospital floor, to wipe the data off the magnetic strips in credit cards, and to whip a wrench or screwdriver out of one's grip and send it hurtling across the room.