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a. (context free software movement English) With very few limitations on distribution or improvement; including source code.

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Libre ( Free ) is a 2001 salsa album by Marc Anthony . It was nominated for the 2002 Latin Grammy Award for Best Salsa Album and was nominated for the 2003 Grammy Awards for Best Salsa Album. This album became his third chart-topper in the Billboard Top...

Usage examples of libre.

Barelegged, a red blanket fastened about his throat with a big brass safety pin, a thermometer in one hand and a medicine bottle in the other, he tottered, crazily and weakly between Loge and Barnstable, chanting a vers libre poem in a shrill, insane voice.

Sixte fut libre, ils partirent en voiture pour Ourteau ou ils arriverent a la nuit tombante.

What Gertrude Stein has done for prose, what the wilder vers libre bards are doing for poetry, what cubists and futurists are doing for painting and sculpture, that Voke Easeley is doing for vocal music.

If we do not change by either adopting an assimilationist program or insisting on metered and legal immigration, or both, we shall soon see a culture in southern and central California that really is a hybrid civilization, a zona libre not unlike what already exists in parts of inner Los Angeles and many rural California towns such as Orange Cove, Mendota, Malaga and Parlier.

Leur cavalerie se porta immediatement en avant pour explorer les passages et reconnaitre ceux qui pourraient etre libres.

Born Rosalinda Banks, of the Chilicothe, Ohio, Bankses, with no assets beyond a lovely face, a superb figure and a mild talent for vers libre, she had come to Greenwich Village to seek her fortune and had found it first crack out of the box.

Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data Leonard, Elmore, 1925 Cuba libre I Elmore Leonard.

Conan no sabía si se trataba de brujería o de magia o de la oculta influencia de las enormes alas verdes, pero su camino estaba libre de obstáculos.

He thought of his recent Ode to Antares, which, unlike his earlier productions, was written in vers libre and had a strong modernistic irony mingled with its planturous lyricism.

You are at liberty to write any form, or any kind of vers libre, that you choose.

It didn't last long, because she gave me the heave-ho and got betrothed to a fellow called Gorringe who wrote vers libre, but while it lasted I felt like one of those Ethiopian slaves Cleopatra used to push around, and I chafed more than somewhat.

It was only a bit of vers libre, that pitiful compromise of the poet who overleaps prose yet falls short of the divine melody of numbers.