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Answer for the clue "Vitamin abbr.", 3 letters:

Alternative clues for the word rda

Cereal box abbr.

Vitamin bottle abbr.

Vitamin stat.

Food stat.

Cereal box info

Nutritional abbr.

Nutritionist's abbr.

Vitamin info, in brief

Cereal no.

Nutritional amt.

Vitamin bottle info

Dietary ideal, briefly

Nutrition inits.

Dietary abbr.

F.D.A. guideline

Abbr. often appearing above percentages

Nutritional std.

Nutritional stat

Nutritional fig.

Amount of iron, e.g.: Abbr.

Nutritionist's fig.

Cereal box fig.

Nutritional inits.

Food packaging abbr.

Food label fig.

Nutritionist’s fig.

Fig. expressed in percents

Package info: Abbr.

Letters for Alpha-Bits?

Amt. usually shown in grams

Nutrition info, for short

Food label no.

Vitamin info: Abbr.

Fig. in milligrams

Dietitian's advice: Abbr.

Nutritional stat.

Vitamin no.

Dietary std.

Salt std., e.g.

Nutritionist's std.

Vitamin bottle info, for short

500 mg., say

Fat standard, say: Abbr.

No. on a food label

Fig. on a vitamin bottle

Nutritional allotment, for short

Vitamin label fig.

What one should take in: Abbr.

Abbr. for the health-conscious

Fig. for a dietitian

Amt. of copper, say

Abbr. on old vitamin bottles

About 8-15 mg. of iron, say

Nutritional info

Dietitian's stat

About 90 mg. of vitamin C a day, e.g.

Food label stat


Vitamin qty.

Diet-based meas.

Nutrition abbr.

Vit. info

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