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Population (2000): 9621 Housing Units (2000): 4400 Land area (2000): 3.463037 sq. miles (8.969223 sq. km) Water area (2000): 0.000000 sq. miles (0.000000 sq. km) Total area (2000): 3.463037 sq. miles (8.969223 sq. km) FIPS code: 35050 Located within: Montana...

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Havré is a village near the Belgian town of Mons in the province of Hainaut .

Usage examples of havre.

Hector shall ride to Le Havre for a surgeon, but as for this talk of Ducs!

I bought a passage on the old tub, and we got in at Le Havre at one, or thereabouts.

I woke up next day at the inn at Le Havre, and I pretended to be asleep.

Now the British Expeditionary Army numbered but three or four hundred thousand men, spread from the bases at Havre and along the coast forward to the line, compared with nearly a hundred French divisions, or over two million Frenchmen, actually holding the long front from Belgium to Switzerland.

Meanwhile all our other forces in the Havre peninsula were embarking speedily and safely.

I was vexed that the French had not allowed our division to retire on Rouen in good time, but had kept it waiting till it could neither reach Havre nor retreat southward, and thus forced it to surrender with their own troops.

Ninth Army, from ports between Boulogne and Havre, attacking between Brighton and Worthing.

September 7, the information before us showed that the westerly and southerly movement of barges and small ships to posts between Ostend and Havre was in progress, and as these assembly harbours were under heavy British air attack, it was not likely the ships would be brought to them until shortly before the actual attempt.

The German cavalry of Havre under Van Eude at once deserted, and joining the Spanish cavalry fell upon the townsmen.

Paris fashions, the warehouses of Havre are stocked to the rafters with female geegaws.

Chief, that nearly all of them dream of setting up on their own, and after two years of marriage Boulay bought a bar in Le Havre, which he turned into a dance hall before long.

Our committee have received through it a report that a French freighter out of Le Havre for Rotterdam has disappeared at sea.

Le Havre Merchant Marine, or maybe anybody did, she was that worried about her missing husband.

While the lights of Le Havre petrol refinery still winked on our right the waves were already coming off the Channel in twenty-foot-high walls of black water, shattering on the bow and wheelhouse and bouncing our small craft helplessly from crest to trough.

Seine estuary and had set course north for Rotterdam sixteen miles off the Le Havre light when Morel on the bridge had seen the navigation lights of a motor yacht appearing out of the mist.