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Answer for the clue "Light, in Lima", 3 letters:

Alternative clues for the word luz

Light, in Lugo

Light, in Cuba

Word definitions for luz in dictionaries

The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Luz \Luz\ (l[u^]z), n. A bone of the human body which was supposed by certain Rabbinical writers to be indestructible. Its location was a matter of dispute. --Brande & C.

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
n. A small bone in the human spinal column, believed in Muslim and Jewish traditions to be the indestructible bone from which the body will be rebuild at the time of resurrection.

Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia
Luz is the name of two places in the Bible .

Usage examples of luz.

And damn this Luz, she’ll give you back your right mind again when she’s done.

The things Luz said involved a simple act, but the reason behind it defied understanding, and his suspicion, old as his understanding of the world, said not to trust this.

In just that long, Luz had turned everything upside down, and then begun to reiterate everything she had said, so he knew they were at an end.

None of them spoke for a long time, looking at that sight, that clear evidence that Luz at least had told a part of the truth.

All the villages, all the city, all the tribes had no warning, no knowledge of Luz and this place.

The voices he heard during the day all sounded like Luz, until while they were setting up the tent he put his hands over his ears, trying not to hear.

He wished her to understand, to have some comprehension she was driving him beyond endurance, but Luz gave no sign of hearing him.

Did it, when Luz said it might already be too late to carry their message?

He had no idea what he had won, or if he had won any relief for Norit—he had hoped if he could bring her back for an hour, Norit might have a chance, and he knew by what seethed in his own mind that she had less of a chance if Luz was always there.

He had no idea now whether he had scared her instead of Luz, or offended her, or what vengeance he might have brought down on them all.

He asked himself whether Luz would damn all the world for his crime against her, and began to think every day of dying, not that dying held any attraction for him, only that it seemed the likely outcome.

She’s an honest woman, a shy, gentle woman… she’d never say what Luz said.

But if we come to the tower, Luz claims she can keep everyone safe there.

In a moment more, Norit followed her, guard-led, with that calm, still face that told him Luz was entirely in the ascendant.

Their madness had become linked, one to the other, and where one was, the others would come, and where Luz was, they would know Luz’s intentions, all three of them: there had been no chance they would lose her while she was free to ride, Marak was sure of that now.