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Answer for the clue "Mib's relative ", 5 letters:

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n. (context US informal childish English) A marble (small ball used in children's games).

Usage examples of immie.

Somewhere out there, within reasonable distance, were a group of Immie operators using a machine to stimulate his mind into believing there had been such a raid.

A few groups sprang up, but generally it was the individual killing the first Immie he knew, as soon as he got the message.

These figures exclude about forty-five civilians who got beamed in Toronto Street when one of the Immies stood and fought.

The answer was, of course, everyone had been too busy trying to survive and the Immies had been singularly skillful in manipulation.

The Immies could afford to take their time, they were, by normal standards, virtually immortal.

New York about twelve million and, if United London threw out the Immies they would be assured of another twenty million.

God, of course the Immies had been waiting for a chance like this, his two trump cards together in one place.

It seems the Immies have an elected leader, elected on the grounds that he made first contact with the Supreme.

Both eyes were so heavily cataracted they looked more like immies than eyes.

Mike would let himself know that spring had come again not when the first crocuses showed under his mom's kitchen windows or when kids started bringing immies and croakers to school or even when the Washington Senators kicked off the baseball season (usually getting themselves shellacked in the process), but only when his father hollered for Mike to help him push their mongrel truck out of the barn.

Heavens, my father was an immie, though I'm second-generation Lunarite on my mother's side.