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Answer for the clue "Chicago hrs.", 3 letters:

Alternative clues for the word cst

Chi. time zone

Ill. time

Hrs. on the 90th meridian

St. Louis hrs.

K.C. zone

Midwest clock setting: Abbr.

It's observed in Pensacola, Fla.

Winter hrs. in Wichita

Dallas hrs.

Mpls. clock setting

St. Louis zone: Abbr.

Chi hrs.

Hrs. on the Mississippi

Some TV programs are shown on it: Abbr.

Winter hrs. in Kansas

St. Louis sked abbr.

Winter Chi. clock setting

Midwest setting: Abbr.

St. Paul hrs.

Chicago's winter hrs.

Setting for St. Paul: Abbr.

Winter hrs. in St. Louis

Iowa hrs.

Chi. setting

Winter Minn. hrs.

23-Across winter setting: Abbr.

Winter hours in Minn.

Topeka hrs.

Winter hrs. in New Orleans

New Orleans setting: Abbr.

Winter Chicago hrs.

Ill. hours

Part of Fla. is on it

Chicago setting: Abbr.

Chicago winter clock setting: Abbr.

Chi setting

Winter hours in Kan.

Winter hrs. in Texas

Used in the central United States

Standard time in the 6th time zone west of Greenwich, reckoned at the 90th meridian

Chi. time

Topeka's time

Windy City time

Tulsa time: Abbr.

Ill. zone

Mo. clock setting

Chi-town clock setting: Abbr.

January hrs. in Chicago

Iowa time, for short

Chicago time inits.

Mid-Amer. time initials

Setting for 10 U.S. states: Abbr.

Between E.S.T. and M.S.T.

Chicago-time initials

Iowa time: Abbr.

Chicago time: Abbr.

Time initials

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init. 1 Central Standard Time 2 convulsive shock treatment 3 China Standard Time

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CST or Cst can stand for:

Usage examples of cst.

Smoke rolled freely from cham- ber to chamber through the body of the CST, a ship built on lateral lines to avoid transfer of equipment up and down ladder wells.

He'd been ready to defend the CST, despite the attempts by Lafayette and Majestic to protect the wounded destroyer and her rafted repair ship.

Goods flowed in and out of the CST planetary station day and night, slowly increasing in quantity as the years progressed.