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Answer for the clue "Hunk", 4 letters:

Alternative clues for the word slab

Thick slice

Pitcher's rubber, in slang

Flagstone, e.g.

Meat loaf serving

Tabletop, perhaps

Thick piece

Cut of marble

Generous slice of the pie

Inscribed stone, maybe

Bacon portion

Pitcher's rubber

Concrete section

Meatloaf serving

Meat loaf serving, e.g.

Simple headstone

Countertop, maybe

Hunk of marble, e.g.

Crypt cover

Thick serving

Cheese portion

Sarcophagus lid

Sidewalk square, e.g.

Chunk of cement, say

Hearty slice

Hunk of meat loaf, say

Foundation piece

Sidewalk section, e.g.

Slice for a hearty appetite

Chunk of concrete

Cut of meat

Block consisting of a thick piece of something

"Tombstone, e.g."


Item touching Guidry's toe

Flat piece

Mound feature

Slack part of a sail

A piece of the rock

Pitcher's plate

Piece of the rock


Marble piece

Clemens toes it


Baseball rubber

Bread unit

Piece of cake, sometimes

Spot for Guidry's toe

Thick, flat piece

Broad, flat piece

Bacon unit

Thick cut

Hunk of cake

Piece of concrete

Thick slice of bread

Bacon measure

Rubber on a pitcher's mound

Part of a foundation

Part of a pitcher's mound

Flat, broad and thick piece

Strip of pavement

Stele or mensa

Thick piece of marble

Butter slice

Flat, thick piece

Concrete strip

Place for a pitcher's toe

Side of bacon

Diamond item

Rolled steel

Concrete piece

Item on a pitcher's mound

Large cut

Where a pitcher's toe goes

Generous portion

Hunk of pie

What Koufax once toed

Gooden's plate

Bacon piece

House foundation

Word definitions for slab in dictionaries

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Word definitions in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
noun COLLOCATIONS FROM OTHER ENTRIES a slab of chocolate (= a large flat piece ) ▪ They shared a large slab of chocolate. a slab of ice (= a thick flat piece of ice ) ▪ Huge slabs of ice drifted down the frozen river. COLLOCATIONS FROM CORPUS ■ ADJECTIVE...

The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Slab \Slab\, n. That which is slimy or viscous; moist earth; mud; also, a puddle. [Obs.] --Evelyn.

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
Etymology 1 n. 1 (context archaic English) mud, sludge. 2 A large, flat piece of solid material; a solid object that is large and flat. 3 A paving stone; a flagstone. 4 (context Australia English) A carton containing twenty-four cans of beer. 5 An outside...

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
late 13c., "large, flat mass," of unknown origin, possibly related to Old French escopel , escalpe "thin fragment of wood," which according to Klein is possibly a Gaulish word (compare Breton scolp , Welsh ysgolp "splinter, chip"). But OED rejects this...

WordNet Word definitions in WordNet
n. block consisting of a thick piece of something [also: slabbing , slabbed ]

Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia
Slab or SLAB may refer to:

Usage examples of slab.

The wizard had drawn a seven-pointed star in lime-wash on a slab that had been part of the abutments of the Old Kingdom bridge.

A single adamantine bridge, a narrow slab of metal without guardrails and wide enough for only two or three men abreast, spanned the moat.

Even from his viewpoint more than ten meters away, Aiken could see the slabs of thick oak tremble from the force of rhythmic smashes.

Where, a second earlier, there had been a squad of InfiniDim Enterprises executives with a rocket launcher standing on an elegant terraced plaza paved with large slabs of lustrous stone cut from the ancient alabastrum quarries of Zentalquabula there was now, instead, a bit of a pit with nasty bits in it.

Spilled coals were scattered across the paving slabs and atop the rumpled velvet, burning holes in the rich pile, and the glass alembic was now a jagged splash of greenish shards.

In the meantime, fearing lest Giovanni might think of sending him out at any moment, he waited till Pasquale had brought him water in the morning, and then raised the stone, as he had done before, took the box out of the earth and hid it in the cool end of the annealing oven, while he replaced the slab.

It looked like nothing more than a cairn marker, a huge, elongated slab of stone tilted upward at the southernmost end, as if pointing the way across the Nenoth Odhan to Aren or some other, more recent destination.

Gradually Jed came to enjoy seeing her there, to see the windows of the old house open, to hear voices once more on that side of the shop, and to catch glimpses of Babbie dancing in and out over the shining mica slab at the door.

I walking distance there existed multiple slabs of barbecued ribs superior to any I had ever tasted.

He has cleared out the sand from one of the temples, and found there eleven slabs with figures of a king making offerings to the god Horus of Behen or Wady Halfah in a chamber in front of the Hall of Columns.

The metal slab was beveled inward, and thicker than one would expect, sitting easily in the shaped lip of the well.

Of stone bridges in Great Britain, the earliest were the cyclopean bridges still existing on Dartmoor, consisting of stone piers bridged by stone slabs.

The exposed foundations of the eastern and western walls, where the torrent has washed away the northern enceinte, show that, after the fashion of ancient Egypt, sandstone slabs have been laid underground, the calcaire being reserved for the hypaethral part.

At the bottom, the guards gripped their captive, while Chun Laro stooped to raise a round slab of metal that looked like the cover of a manhole.

This party consisted of some of the authorities of the city and some porters, bearing on a slab of verd antique a magnificent cinerary vase, that was about to be placed in the Campo.