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Answer for the clue "Physicist Ernst", 4 letters:

Alternative clues for the word mach

Airspeed unit

Speed ratio

Word before 1 or 2

Jet speed measure

Flight ratio

Speed-of-sound number

___ one

Jet speed unit

Number associated with a boom

Word often followed by a numeral

Physicist with an eponymous number

Supersonic unit


Name often followed by a number

Physicist Ernst who studied shock waves

See 13-Down

Speed-of-sound ratio

Eponymous physicist Ernst

Austrian physicist and philosopher who introduced the Mach number and who founded logical positivism (1838-1916)

SST word

___ number (speed ratio)

Austrian physicist: 1838–1916

Supersonic number

Kind of number

High-speed number

Airspeed number

___ number (speed measure)

Sound-speed number

Sound-speed ratio number

Jet plane's speed unit

Sound-barrier word

Jet speed number

Sonic-speed unit

Sound-speed word

Austrian physicist

Word with wave or number

Word definitions for mach in dictionaries

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
measure of speed relative to the speed of sound (technically Mach number ), 1937, named in honor of Austrian physicist Ernst Mach (1838-1916).

Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia
Mach may refer to:

Usage examples of mach.

Mach had told him briefly of the discovery by Stile, his father, that their exchange was causing a dangerous imbalance, so they had to spend more time in their own frames.

But if that line ceases to exist, the channel by which you and Mach communicate and exchange places will be gone, and all that you contemplate will end, and my chance to rectify the accumulated imbalance will abort.

The saucer ripped by the silver delta-winged fighter at a scant hundred yards, accelerating through Mach 2.

At Mach speeds the alien boomerangs seemed to have a hard time maneuvering with precision, but as soon as the F-16s banked and slowed the little alien probes matched velocity vectors and ripped them apart.

The rush of the magnetic railgun that launched it up to scramjet speed, the screaming blast of the engine igniting at mach seven and propelling the silvery needle faster and faster until ninety-nine percent of the atmosphere lay below it and the stars came out as hard, unwinking diamonds in the blackness of space, then the whistling descent back to the ground and the swift, precise glide onto the runway -- everything about it felt right.

The AS pilot began to throttle back the scramjet as they reached Mach 20.

Samson missile, an advanced version of the older Soviet Shaddock, travels at speeds in excess of Mach 2 and carries a warhead containing a thousand pounds of TNT.

With his wingman glued to his right, Manesh pushed the throttles to the forward stops and the Flogger accelerated to Mach 1.

The Mig broke hard to the left as the Hellfire left the outboard pylon and accelerated to just under Mach 1 Manesh put the craft in a vertical climb and began dispensing flares and chaff.

Then Mach understood: this was a self-willed Machine masquerading as a mindless one.

Base, Afterbody and Tail Regions of Twin-Engine Airplane Model with Extra Low Horizontal Tail Locations at a Speed of Mach 0.

Both balls were served crosscourt, requiring Mach to orient on the extremes rapidly.

Mach slammed them simultaneously, crosscourt, and Bane was unable to field them both.

Our first test flights will run to near Mach one with a cowling replacing the hydrogen engine.

Eight metres long, three thousand kilometre range, mach point seven zero cruising speed, one thousand kilogramme direct-impact fused HE charge.