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n. (Alan English)

Usage examples of alani.

Great numbers of the Alani, appeased by the punctual discharge of the engagements which Aurelian had contracted with them, relinquished their booty and captives, and quietly retreated to their own deserts, beyond the Phasis.

The Huns, with their flocks and herds, their wives and children, their dependents and allies, were transported to the west of the Volga, and they boldly advanced to invade the country of the Alani, a pastoral people, who occupied, or wasted, an extensive tract of the deserts of Scythia.

On the banks of the Tanais, the military power of the Huns and the Alani encountered each other with equal valor, but with unequal success.

His death, which has been imputed to his own despair, left the reins of government in the hands of Withimer, who, with the doubtful aid of some Scythian mercenaries, maintained the unequal contest against the arms of the Huns and the Alani, till he was defeated and slain in a decisive battle.

The loose subordination, and extensive possessions, of the Huns and the Alani, delayed the conquests, and distracted the councils, of that victorious people.

Such indeed was the fate of Radagaisus himself, of his brave and faithful companions, and of more than one third of the various multitude of Sueves and Vandals, of Alani and Burgundians, who adhered to the standard of their general.

Huns and Alani, whom he had attached to his person, was employed in the defence of Gaul.

Sangiban, king of the Alani, who had promised to betray the city, and to revolt from the service of the empire.

Armoricans, the Breones the Saxons, the Burgundians, the Sarmatians, or Alani, the Ripuarians, and the Franks who followed Meroveus as their lawful prince.

Sangiban, the faithless king of the Alani, was placed in the centre, where his motions might be strictly watched, and that the treachery might be instantly punished.

Heruli, the Scyrri, the Alani, the Turcilingi, and the Rugians, appear to have predominated.

After a long and victorious march, the new Avars arrived at the foot of Mount Caucasus, in the country of the Alani and Circassians, where they first heard of the splendor and weakness of the Roman empire.

When Amin came up off the full double hit, being with Alani was just going to piss him off.

Councilman, Alani and I would both be more than pleased to keep you company tonight.

He glanced at his wife, and the electricity that passed between them put Alani on her feet.