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Answer for the clue "Swiss river to the Rhine ", 3 letters:

Alternative clues for the word aar

Usage examples of aar.

Al hare bewegingen, van welken aard ook, hebben buitengewoon snel en behendig plaats.

The aard vark outrivals, with his great claws, the most skilled burrowing tools of man.

In the meantime Lord Kitchener, who had descended for a few days to De Aar, had shown great energy in organising small mobile columns which should follow and, if possible, destroy the invaders.

The obvious base of such a movement must be Orange River, and there and at De Aar the stores for the advance began to be accumulated.

This left only a single regiment without guns for the defence of De Aar and the valuable stores.

At the same time the Canadians, the Australians, and several line regiments were moved up on the line from De Aar to Belmont.

De Aar Junction, where the stores were, to protect at all costs the line of railway which led from Cape Town to Kimberley, and to hold on to as much as possible of those other two lines of railway which led, the one through Colesberg and the other through Stormberg, into the Free State.

Their line of retreat lay through Carnarvon, and upon February 22nd they crossed the railway line to the north of De Aar, and joined upon February 26th the new invading force under De Wet, who had now crossed the Orange River.

The invaders crossed the railway line near Houtnek, to the north of De Aar, in the early hours of the 15th, moving upon a front of six or eight miles.

Handeck, consoling ourselves with the reflection that from the furious rushing of the river Aar at our side, we should at all events see the celebrated WASSERFALL in GRANDE PERFECTION.

They added that they had seen the other waiter by the Aar, and that in all probability you had run away from the inn together.

Zurich, however, along with Berne, Lucerne, and Solothurn agreed to defend the Aargau, the region adjoining Alsace along the river Aar, because it touched their borders and was their “boulevard.

The Canton of Aargau is in the north of Switzerland, the river Aar joins the Rhine there.

Cnicts sai yai aar leeving nee steen öntornd in yæir straif tu fained yi hwarabouts of yi mising preetjr, hwuuz lösti swink on bihaaf of yi Screlingz haz bimikst him in a fiirs yingli scöfal .

He looked at the ever-smiling Colonel Due Phon Lo, chief military adviser to the AAR, then at the officers sitting in tense formation in the chairs beside him.