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Answer for the clue ""Bleak House" girl", 3 letters:

Alternative clues for the word ada

Palindromic lady

Oklahoma city

Writer _____ Louise Huxtable

Miss Clare of "Bleak House"

Nabokov heroine

Orthodontist's org.

Byron's "calculating" daughter

Cousin of Fortran

Nabokov novel

Org. quoted on toothpaste tubes

City SSW of Tulsa

Toothpaste-approving grp.

Holly Hunter in "The Piano"

Toothpullers' grp.

Critic___ Louise Huxtable

Drillers' org.

Writer___Louise Huxtable

Toothy grp.?

Driller's org.

Initials on a toothpaste box

Tooth doctor's org.

Grp. with a lot of pull?

Town that's home to Ohio Northern University

Tooth dr.'s org.

Oklahoma town

Tooth doctors' org.

Toothpaste box letters

Ohio Northern University town

Boise's county

Org. for bridge builders

Writer ___ Louise Huxtable

Cavity fillers' org.

Org. for some extractors

Oklahoma county seat

Orthodontists' org.

Toothpaste-endorsing org.

Grp. with pull?

Org. concerned with tooth care

Drillers' grp.

Mathematician Lovelace

Inits. on a toothpaste box

Toothpaste tube letters

Tube inits.

Org. for cavity fillers

Tooth care grp.

Abbr. on a toothpaste box

Computer pioneer Lovelace

English mathematician Lovelace

Org. that rates members of Cong.

Inits. on a toothpaste tube

Nabokov title heroine

Org. for drillers and fillers

1969 Nabokov novel

Toothpaste tube abbr.

Town in 98-Across

Liberal grp. on Capitol Hill

Liberal D.C. group

Letters on a toothpaste tube

Home to Ohio Northern University

Drilling grp.

Org. concerned with decay

Richard's love in "Bleak House"

Decay-fighting org.

Most populous county of Idaho

Tooth decay-fighting org.

City southeast of 64-Across

Lovelace who was called "The Enchantress of Numbers"

Oral health org.

"Cold Mountain" heroine

Bridge builder's grp.

Org. on a toothpaste box

1969 literary heroine who says "I like the words damozel, eglantine, elegant. I love when you kiss my elongated white hand"

Oklahoma city named for the daughter of its first 4-Down

Literary title character with a palindromic name

Cap-and-crown org.?

Org. that promotes sugarless gum

Lead role in "The Piano"

Org. with a Seal of Acceptance

___ Lovelace, computer programming pioneer

Palindromic girl

Org. that supports water fluoridation

Literary title character from the planet Antiterra

Org. that rates members of Congress on their liberalism

Toothpaste letters

Org. fighting decay

Listerine bottle abbr.

Toothpaste-evaluating org.

Oklahoma birthplace of Oral Roberts

Org. for fillers and drillers

Org. recommending regular checkups

Novelist Leverson

Org. that encourages flossing

___ Lovelace, computer pioneer grp.

Nabokov's longest novel

Org. whose members look down in the mouth?

Computing pioneer Lovelace

___ Clare, ward in Dickens's "Bleak House"

Org. concerned with bridges and canals

Computer language named for Lord Byron's daughter

Org. with an oral fixation?

Simon & Garfunkel's "I ___ Rock"

Org. on a toothpaste tube

Garden party?

Palindromic Nabokov title

Dickens heroine

City SSE of Enid

Critic Huxtable

Huxtable or Rehan

Ohio college town

Nabokov title

Nabokov book

"Bleak House" lass

Nabokov opus

Org. that backed A.E.S.

Novel by Nabokov

Actress Rehan

Okla. city

City in Okla.

Org. A.E.S. belonged to

"Lolita" shelf-partner

Palindromic name

A.E.S. backers

Byron's daughter

A memorable Rehan

Org. for periodontists

Site of Ohio Northern U.

With 68 Down, memorable actress

Org. founded by H.H.H.

Computer-programming language

"___ from Decatur"

Ohio campus town

Ohio university town

Org. for tooth doctors

Rehan of IRELAND

Canine care grp.?

D.D.S.'s group

College town of Ohio or Oklahoma

Political org.

Nabokov work

Palindromic feminine name


"Bleak House" heroine

"Tobacco Road" character

Miss Rehan

City in Okla. or Minn.

Ohio college locale

Governor of Guam

Architecture critic Huxtable

___ Louise Huxtable

Home of Ohio Northern U.

Odontologist's org.

Susan Hayward film: 1961

Word definitions for ada in dictionaries

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
fem. proper name, from Hebrew Adha , literally "ornament."

Gazetteer Word definitions in Gazetteer
Population (2000): 5582 Housing Units (2000): 1948 Land area (2000): 1.871428 sq. miles (4.846975 sq. km) Water area (2000): 0.000000 sq. miles (0.000000 sq. km) Total area (2000): 1.871428 sq. miles (4.846975 sq. km) FIPS code: 00198 Located within: Ohio...

Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia
ADA may refer to:

Usage examples of ada.

Richard and Ada, and I hope in many happier scenes of life --you ever find anything in me which you can honestly think is better than it used to be, believe that it will have sprung up from to-night and that I shall owe it to you.

As Ada was a little frightened, I said, to humour the poor old lady, that we were much obliged to her.

As Ada said nothing, but looked at me, I said it must be very gratifying.

The evening was so very cold and the rooms had such a marshy smell that I must confess it was a little miserable, and Ada was half crying.

Her being so employed was, I must say, a great relief to me, for Richard told us that he had washed his hands in a pie-dish and that they had found the kettle on his dressing-table, and he made Ada laugh so that they made me laugh in the most ridiculous manner.

Quale, with large shining knobs for temples and his hair all brushed to the back of his head, who came in the evening, and told Ada he was a philanthropist, also informed her that he called the matrimonial alliance of Mrs.

Shaking her golden hair, Ada turned her eyes upon me with such laughing wonder that I was full of wonder too, partly at her beauty, partly at her surprise.

It set me thinking so that when Ada was asleep, I still remained before the fire, wondering and wondering about Bleak House, and wondering and wondering that yesterday morning should seem so long ago.

She still stood pouting and frowning at me, but presently put down her egg-cup and turned softly towards the bed where Ada lay.

Now it was Ada, now one of my old Reading friends from whom I could not believe I had so recently parted.

What with the bustle of dispatching Peepy and the bustle of getting myself ready and helping Ada, I was soon quite in a glow.

I was saved the disagreeable necessity of pursuing the subject by Richard and Ada coming up at a round pace, laughing and asking us if we meant to run a race.

She had taken my hand, and leading me and Miss Jellyby away, beckoned Richard and Ada to come too.

As he was half amused and half curious and all in doubt how to get rid of the old lady without offence, she continued to lead us away, and he and Ada continued to follow, our strange conductress informing us all the time, with much smiling condescension, that she lived close by.

One had only to fancy, as Richard whispered to Ada and me while we all stood looking in, that yonder bones in a corner, piled together and picked very clean, were the bones of clients, to make the picture complete.