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Illicit may refer to: illicit antiquities illicit drug trade illicit drug use Illicit Drug Anti-Proliferation Act illicit major illicit minor illicit work Illicit Streetwear clothing company Illicit (Dance music group) Illicit (film) , a 1931 film starring ...

The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Illicit \Il*lic"it\, a. [L. illicitus; pref. il- not + licitus, p. p. of licere to be allowed or permitted: cf. F. illicite. See In- not, and License .] Not permitted or allowed; prohibited; unlawful; as, illicit trade; illicit intercourse; illicit pleasure. ...

Usage examples of illicit.

I wondered how many of the aliens were illicit sharers in the human genetic heritage, freed from the allomorphism that had limited their racial progress.

And there, aided again by other highly illicit bioelectronics, she directed her next shot.

By the Bullnose Morris was a nervous, pacing, slyly smoking policeman, a cigarette cupped between his fingers, the glowing tip facing backwards, as though this simple precaution might make his illicit action the less obvious.

Robert Blakey had envisioned--DeMeo a participating member of a criminal enterprise and Castellano the overall head of that enterprise who had reaped illicit proceeds from a pattern of racketeering, whether or not he was personally involved in it.

The counterrevolutionary network ran deep, and the profits of illicit trade meant there were usually British smuggling ships to be found looming off the coast.

I dropped the subject, inferring with some satisfaction that young Danaus was illicit.

Many fear that their fantasies signify mental illness or worry that, unless curbed, thoughts of illicit conduct will eventually bubble to the surface and demand overt enactment.

Such fantasies usually center on sexual behaviors that are deemed morally unacceptable or illicit.

The air-conditioning had been switched off, and a woman passenger trapped in an elevator between the 10th and nth floors became hysterical, possibly the victim of a minor sexual assaultthe restoration of light in due course revealed its crop of illicit liaisons flourishing in the benevolent conditions of total darkness like a voracious plant species.

Military officers and civilian bureaucrats throughout the country threw themselves frenetically into the tasks of destroying their files and disbursing vast hoards of military supplies in illicit ways.

A marriage announcement in the papers could stave off the rumors of an illicit affair, but Sera doubted the dull-witted gossipmongers would let it go so easily.

No victim could escape this stronghold without being lobotomized, and no police force could spring a surprise inspection to catch the illicit lobo lab.

The partners in illicit profits strode up the house steps, Mayberry acting with the rough air of a domineering sheriff, Chalmody with the important style of some dignitary.

Rapid fire now: about the Scruff and Jackie in Johannesburg or Monrovia and the hushed word throughout the illicit arms trade that something was going down at a New York airport this week so stay clear.

The repercussions of his illicit leave of absence had seen him incarcerated for several weeks before he was allowed to visit Noni again to see her.