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Answer for the clue "Far East weight unit ", 4 letters:

Alternative clues for the word tael

Usage examples of tael.

A mandarin whose rank is above that of an expectant Taotai, Li is to be the next Taotai of Mungtze, where, from an official salary of 400 taels per annum, he hopes to save from 10,000 to 20,000 taels per annum.

Tael and Doma, and the others just sort of scrunched in as best they could.

To make things worse, the weight of the sheng had been reduced with the times from twelve catties to five catties, and at the same time the relation of cash to silver had fallen from 1640 to 1250 cash the tael.

Chinese haikwan tael that had disappeared from the showcase in the museum, because that was silver and had a hole in it.

Therefore to convert Lanchow cash into Tientsin cash you must divide the Lanchow cash by 3, count 975 as 1000, and consider this equal to a certain percentage of a theoretical amount of silver known as a tael, which is always varying of itself as well as by the fluctuations in the market value of silver, and which is not alike in any two places, and may widely vary in different portions of the same place.

When, therefore, after the second Peace of Shimonoseki, Japan was compelled to relinquish all her possessions on the mainland and to console herself for her shattered hopes with a few million taels, every Japanese knew that the lost booty would at some time or other be demanded from Russia at the point of the sword.

He held the notes out directly under a lamp, and the eunuchs could now see beyond a doubt that they were notes of seriously large denominations-thousands upon thousands of taels.

Four junior eunuchs deposited everythingtwelve dishes, including one particularly delicious-looking steamed Yunnan chicken, wine, plates, bowls, and chopsticksin the outer room, gladly accepted their tip of one tael each, and took their leave.

I saw Her Majesty, I remember she gave me five thousand taels of gold and twenty thousand taels of silver.

So saying, Trinket reached into his inside pocket and extracted a wad of notes, some for five hundred, some for a thousand taels, some for as much as two thousand.

All I ever wanted was for you to appreciate my loyalty, and reward me with a few taels now and then.

Trinket ten thousand taels, which Trinket made a great show of refusing.

The few remaining taels went towards hiring the services of a coroner to officiate at the funeral ceremony, and a carpenter.

Then, producing another fifty taels of silver, he enquired of the Abbot if he could possibly hire the services of a companion.

It was Brother Tsereng-bLo-do, the Great Lama of the Manjusri Monastery, who presented me with two hundred taels to accompany his fellow lama Bayen here.