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Answer for the clue "Produced", 3 letters:

Alternative clues for the word did

Carried out



Served the purpose

Took action


Carried through on


Pulled off

Iced, with "in"

Served, as time


"___ not!"

Brought off

Downed, as shots

"The butler ___ it"


Got out of the way

Checked off the bucket list, say

"Look what you ___!"

Arranged, as the hair


Brought about

Word definitions for did in dictionaries

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Word definitions in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
COLLOCATIONS FROM OTHER ENTRIES did a bang-up job ▪ He did a bang-up job fixing the plumbing. did a head count ▪ The teachers did a head count to check that none of the kids were missing. did imitations ▪ She acted, she danced, she did imitations . did...

The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
do \do\ (d[=oo]), v. t. or auxiliary. [imp. did (d[i^]d); p. p. done (d[u^]n); p. pr. & vb. n. Doing (d[=oo]"[i^]ng). This verb, when transitive, is formed in the indicative, present tense, thus: I do, thou doest (d[=oo]"[e^]st) or dost (d[u^]st), he does...

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
vb. (en-simple past of: do)

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
Old English dyde , past tense of do (v.). The only remainder in Germanic of the old linguistic pattern of forming a past tense by reduplication of the stem of the present tense. Far back in Germanic the equivalent of did was used as a suffix to make the...

WordNet Word definitions in WordNet
n. an uproarious party [syn: bash , brawl ] the syllable naming the first (tonic) note of any major scale in solmization [syn: doh , ut ] doctor's degree in osteopathy [syn: Doctor of Osteopathy ] [also: done , did ]

Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia
DID may refer to: In arts : Damsel in distress , a classic theme in world literature, art and film Dialogue in the Dark , an awareness-raising exhibition In media : Dance India Dance , a reality dance show on Zee TV, first aired in 2009 Desert Island Discs...

Usage examples of did.

When I saw Nanette in my arms, beaming with love, and Marton near the bed, holding a candle, with her eyes reproaching us with ingratitude because we did not speak to her, who, by accepting my first caresses, had encouraged her sister to follow her example, I realized all my happiness.

At her house I made the acquaintance of several gamblers, and of three or four frauleins who, without any dread of the Commissaries of Chastity, were devoted to the worship of Venus, and were so kindly disposed that they were not afraid of lowering their nobility by accepting some reward for their kindness--a circumstance which proved to me that the Commissaries were in the habit of troubling only the girls who did not frequent good houses.

I certainly did not act towards them with a true sense of honesty, but if the reader to whom I confess myself is acquainted with the world and with the spirit of society, I entreat him to think before judging me, and perhaps I may meet with some indulgence at his hands.

I lost my trouble and my time, for I did not become acquainted with the shore till the octave of Christmas, and with the small door six months afterwards.

English dishes, he was acquainted with the French system of cooking, and did fricandeaus, cutlets, ragouts, and above all, the excellent French soup, which is one of the principal glories of France.

She did not like to tell the noble canon, and thinking that I was more likely to be acquainted with such emergencies she came up to me and told me all.

After we had supped with the actress, Patu fancied a night devoted to a more agreeable occupation, and as I did not want to leave him I asked for a sofa on which I could sleep quietly during the night.

However, I did not trouble myself much about it, for it is almost a duty in an actress to disguise her age, as in spite of talent the public will not forgive a woman for having been born too soon.

Both he and the actress concluded that Branicki had had a quarrel with her rival, and though she did not much care to place him in the number of her adorers, she yet gave him a good reception, for she knew it would be dangerous to despise his suit openly.

She begged me to go into her sitting-room while she dressed, and we then went down and dined with the wretched secretary, who adored her, whom she did not love, and who must have borne small love to me, seeing how high I stood in her graces.

It did not cost me much to get wind of the adventurer, but I felt angry that he had had the impudence to try and dupe me.

As for the young adventurer I thought him more to be pitied than to be blamed, for I did not believe that he knew I loved him, and it seemed to me that the idea of my despising him was enough vengeance for his audacity.

Pleasant talk and a thousand amorous kisses occupied the half hour just before supper, and our combat did not begin till we had eaten a delicious repast, washed down with plenty of champagne.

But what pleased me extremely was that in spite of my amorous persecution she did not lose that smiling calm which so became her.

When I went to bed I did not find my mistress in any amorous transports, but in a wanton and merry mood.