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Answer for the clue "Riga resident ", 4 letters:

Alternative clues for the word lett

Usage examples of lett.

West systematically abused his daughter, as determined to subjugate her as he had been to subjugate Rosemary Letts.

Miss A had almost certainly told Graham Letts that she had been abused by her father and her brother at the age of twelve, and she may well have told Rosemary West exactly the same thing during their conversations in Cromwell Street.

I haue longe mused by my self of the sore confounded and vncertayne cours of mannys lyfe, and thinges therto belonginge: at the last I haue by my vigilant meditacion found and noted many degrees of errours: wherby mankynd wandreth from the way of trouth I haue also noted that many wyse men and wel lettred haue writen right fruteful doctrines: wherby they haue heled these dyseses and intollerable perturbacions of the mynde: and the goostly woundes therof, moche better than Esculapius which was fyrst Inuentour of Phesyke and amonge the Gentyles worshypped as a God.

In tyme also of these Phylosophers sprange the florisshynge age of Poetes: whiche amonge lettred men had nat smal rowme and place.

But syns it is so that nowe in our dayes ar so many neglygent and folysshe peple that they ar almost innumerable whiche despisynge the loue of vertue: folowe the blyndenes and vanyte of this worlde: it was expedient that of newe some lettred man, wyse, and subtil of wyt shulde awake and touche ye open vices of foles that now lyue: and blame theyr abhomynable lyfe.

After three weeks in a home for troubled teenagers in Cheltenham, Rosemary Letts announced that she was now prepared to have the abortion.

Far from being someone whom Rosemary Letts had never met, as she would insist at her trial, Rena West had shared with her the caravan at Lake House, the room at Clarence Road in Cheltenham, and the flat at Midland Road from time to time.

The Letts, who inhabit the Governments of Courland, Vitebsk, Livonia, Kovno, Pskov, and St.

Then immediately they were all surprized to see him hold up his head wch he lett hang on one side before like a drooping calfe and speake as loud and clear as the ministre, to whom he said with a cheerful air hee was glad to see him, that hee need not question butt that hee would dye like a Christian and patiently too.

There were about ten thousand of them, fighting men from every corner of Europe — swarthy Letts, pixie-haired Poles, mustached Germans, Italians with rings in their ears, Frenchmen with marcelled hair, Scotsmen with tufted eyebrows.

The Letts are especially skilled in building windmills and water mills.